Are you looking for the best shark vacuum for hardwood floors? A floor made of hardwood looks presentable, holds heat well, absorbs sounds, does not cause allergies, and has a long service life. In order to preserve all the qualities of natural flooring as long as possible, it is necessary to follow the rules for caring for it, including the selection of suitable cleaning equipment.

So, we will tell you what modern vacuum cleaners will help you for cleaning your house quickly. It does not only maintain perfect cleanliness in the home but also save your hardwood floors from deformation, taking care of it as correctly and effectively as possible.

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Top 7 Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

It’s complicated to buy a vacuum for hardwood floors because there are many models available on the market. So here are some top quality shark vacuums with reviews that help you to choose the right products.

#1 Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Vacuum (NV501)

shark rotator

The shark Rotator Professional (NV501) is an upright vacuum that has the ability to transform into a canister cleaner. This mean, you will get 2 in 1 facility for cleaning. If you have difficulty in reaching someplace, you can convert it into a canister and clean these places. This feature makes it one of the best vacuum cleaner.

By the way, there are many features available in this cleaner. Let’s start with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. If you have an allergen problem, it is an excellent cleaner for you. The dust will not escape back into the air because it has a HEPA filter. Along with this, anti-allergen technology keeps the air clean. Mostly, you can clean any type of floor area.

A surprising fact is that this vacuum comes with more significant swivel steering technology. It can help you to reach any corner and clean under the sofa and furniture easily. Moreover, you will get the extra-long cord, which enables you to clean from a distance. So, it helps you clean your house at one go without unplug.

The LED headlight is a great feature of this vacuum cleaner. Do you need to clean regularly in a dark place like under the bed or furniture? If yes, then this is a perfect vacuum cleaner for you because it comes with LED lights. So you can clean any dark place without leaving any dust or dirt.

Shark Rotator Professional Upright (NV501) comes with many accessories like pet tools. You may clean any sort of pet debris by using thetool accessory. Also, this cleaner is not noisy. If you have the pets in your house and looking for the best vacuums for hardwood floors, you must have this one.

  • Great Performance for hardwood floor.
  • Anti-Allergen helps to breathe fresh air.
  • Long cord can cover whole house
  • Filters are washable
  • It has great maneuverability
  • Not suitable for tall person.
  • Price is little high.

#2 Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright Corded Stick Vacuum, (HV322)

Shark Rocket DeluxePro

Are you looking for the best shark pet hair vacuums? If yes, here is Shark Rocket TruePet (HV322), which is the perfect vacuum for pet hairs and hardwood floors. The ultra-lightweight nature helps you to carry it anywhere. It is the lightest compared to any other vacuum cleaner. So, this is one of the best lightweight cleaners for any older people. Let’s see more features in this vacuum cleaner.

Firstly, this is a 2 in 1 vacuum with a powerful motor that can do deep cleaning your carpets and hardwood floors. Also, you will be able to convert this cleaner into a handheld vacuum cleaner. So, you can now clean the floor as well as the ceiling with ease.

The cleaner is from the range of shark rocket vacuum cleaners. The vacuum is not big in size. But the works it provides is as efficient as a big vacuum cleaner. Or I would say much better. The look of the cleaner is super trendy. The color used is quite vibrant. Due to the swivel steering technology, it has excellent maneuverability.

Do you need some light when you clean? The LED light on the front helps you detect all types of dirt’s not just pet hair. The vacuum cleaner has no powerful suction or hose, but it’s a great cleaner for cleaning all kinds of floors. You can now carpet, hardwood, or bare floor.

The cord of the cleaner is 32 feet long. So, it enables you to clean areas that are not within reach of any normal vacuum cleaner. Also, you will get an attachment with this vacuum. Extra pet tool is designed to provide efficient cleaning to remove any pet hairs.

  • The handheld cleaner can be used for ceiling or stairs cleaning.
  • It does great work on carpeted or bare floor.
  • Powerful suction sucks in any type of garbage. Also deep cleans the carpets.
  • Great swivel steering ability
  • The cleaner is lightweight and provides you the ease of usage.
  • There are no HEPA filters.
  • The cleaner does not stand on its own. It needs support.

#3 Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum (NV356E)

shark rotator vs shark navigator

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum (NV356E) is one of the best shark vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors. This is an upright vacuum with a lift-away function, and it can convert into a canister. That makes it easier to reach hard areas. Also, there are labels to help you identify which button is for what.

This vacuum has a powerful motor than any other cleaner. As you start using this, you will understand it is an all-purpose vacuum cleaner. It will clean any type of debris along with pet hairs. The weight of the vacuum is below 14 pounds. So it becomes easier to carry. The cleaner has used swivel steering technology, so you have more excellent maneuverability.

Are you looking for the best vacuum for hardwood floors with big dust cup capacity? If yes, the shark navigator (NV356E) vacuum is an excellent choice for you because it has a big dust cup capacity (2.2 quarts). Also, it can convert into a canister vacuum that gives you amazing cleaning for any corner or under furniture.

The vacuum comes with anti-allergen technology that helps you have an allergy-free environment. You get to breathe in fresh and pure air. It also has a HEPA filter. So, it continuously stops the dust or dirt from fleeing back into the air. Cleaning the filters is easy. It does not need much hard work.

You will receive some accessories like pet tools, hard floor attachments for cleaning any pet hair and hardwood floor too. The cord is also 30 feet long, which helps you to clean at one go.

  • Powerful cleaner for cleaning any floors.
  • Excellent quality and lightweight design.
  • It’s a portable and versatile cleaner.
  • It comes with big dust cup capacity.
  • Greater maneuverability for cleaning.
  • Hard floor hero attachment not included.

#4 Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum for Hard Floor (HV302)

which shark vacuum is best for carpet and hardwood floors

From the name, you will get an idea that the cleaner is very light. It is an upright vacuum cleaner that you can transform into a handheld cleaner with ease. It becomes easier to get to places that are hard to reach after converting it into a handheld.

Some may think the vacuum has less suction power due to it being lightweight. But, actually, it is the opposite. You may use the cleaner on both hard floor and carpeted floor. The cleaner is able to suck in the tiniest dust particles. In the handles, there are buttons to control the cleaner. That way, you do not have to bend down as many of the cleaners have the buttons on the base.

The maneuverability is another great feature of this vacuum. It has swivel steering technology; so, maneuvering the vacuum is not difficult. It comes with different accessory tools. Also, you get a car detail kit for cleaning any sort of vehicle with perfection. The dust cups may seem a little small in size. And it is a corded vacuum.

So, I would say the cleaner does what it says. It is a small and compact cleaner. Yet, powerful enough like a big vacuum cleaner. This product is not just for the pet owners, and others can use them too. But pet owners definitely find this useful.

  • Very lightweight design for elder people.
  • Easily converts into a hand vac.
  • It comes with two storage options.
  • Great control for maneuvering around furniture.
  • Excellent for hardwood floor cleaning.
  • No hose.
  • The price is little high.

#5 Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106)

Shark SV1106

Corded vacuum cleaners can continuously supply power as long as you need it. But wrangling or shortage of cord is often a problem. The best solution to that is the battery-powered vacuum. So, this Shark Navigator Freestyle would be the smart choice in case of efficiency, convenience, and for the money choice.

First of all, the vacuum gives you the freedom of a full 30 min of cleaning time and lightweight design. Once you charge thoroughly, it can clean your entire bedroom with stairs too. It also has 3 LED lights that help you to detect dust in dark areas. The foot-switch on the cleaner makes it easier to control. Due to swivel steering technology, the vacuum provides you greater maneuverability.

If you are using it at high speed, then the run time may vary a little. By the way, it runs with only two modes- high and low. But don’t worry; we tried it on 800-sq ft. Apartment loaded with a sofa, a big rug, and curtains. That vacuum was excellent and managed to clean everything with one single charge.

The thing we like about the cleaner also is its charging station. That is integrated into a storage dock also. The cleaner includes a dust cup that can store .64-Qts dust easily. However, this detachable cup is easy to pull out from the point and washable after cleaning. Moreover, this vacuum can stand by itself. So, storage becomes easier.

For the different types of cleaning, It can pick the pet hair from the floor or carpets. You can use it on the hard and carpeted floors, so no pressure on it. The cleaning capacity of the vacuum is average; it mostly cleans the fine dust well but sometimes skips the broken glasses or some cereals left on the floor. So you may need to run the cleaning head ¾ times to get the space clean.

  • Beautiful and lightweight design.
  • Suitable for all kinds of floors and rugs.
  • Swivel heads help to clean under the furniture.
  • Emptying the dust cup is easy.
  • Affordable price.
  • No HEPA filter included.
  • Only two settings to operate.

#6 Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded Vacuum (HV382)

best shark vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet

Here is another smart model from a shark vacuum for hard floors, even all kinds of floors. Meet the Shark Rocket DuoClean. It’s a stick vacuum +handheld cleaner and corded. The cord gives it continuous power to run long as you need. The good thing is it’s relatively light to move around. It weighs 7.6 lbs. When you separate the handheld option, the weight has become 4.6 lbs.

Shark Rocket DuoClean is an upright stick vacuum that you can convert into a handheld vacuum for more comfortable use. Both options, either stick or handheld, is excellent for cleaning carpets, cushion, curtain thoroughly. It’s best to use the stick vacuum to cover large areas, especially hidden dirt under the furniture.

This vacuum has triple particle cleaning technology. This enables you to clean debris and stuck up dirt. You can clean small or big size dirt; it does not matter. Duo clean technology helps you to clean the multi-type floor surface without any problem. Also, the suction power is great as the cleaner is corded. This means it runs on electricity.

The vacuum is useful for reaching the walls and upper portion of curtains. Also, you can use it to clean the staircase pretty well. The small head makes it easy to pick up fine dirt in 1 or 2 tries. The head is also attached with LED lights. It’s an excellent addition to neater cleaning. So, when you are going to clean the corner or under the furniture, it will be easier to target the spot.

The model features one upholstery tool, a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and a side tool (hard Floor Hero). This one is specially made for use on solid flooring for final touch up or polishing. Furthermore, the vacuum comes with a detachable dirt cup. It can hold .42 lbs grim at a time. This one is a slimmer model, so the dirt cup or bin to be small.

  • Includes a detachable handheld vacuum head.
  • Easy to move with and clean.
  • Suitable for hard floors and carpeted floors.
  • LED lights on the head for a clear view in low light.
  • It can clean small to large debris.
  • Has room for attaching two or three tools only.
  • Low capacity dust bin.

#7 Shark Pet-Perfect II Cordless Hand Vacuum (SV780)

Shark SV780

If you have cats, dogs, birds, etc in the house, then Shark Pet-perfect II is the best to have. It is a small size handheld vacuum that runs with batteries. You need to charge it for at least 2-3 hours to get 30 min of full run power. However, the vacuum is lightweight, less than 5 lbs, and effortless to move around.

This Shark Pet-perfect II will give you 4 type of cleaning options which is very useful. You get 3 accessory tools that help you for better cleaning. Also, you are able to clean any sort of floor area without any trouble. The vacuum cleaner features a motorized brushed, crevice tool and a dusting brush with a direct suction power option. You can use it for cleaning hard floors as well as other floors.

The vacuum features an extra-large motorized brush. This one is good at picking up the pet fur or ground-in dirt. Besides, the head is removable. So if you think the brush is tangled with hair and dust, just removes it.

One of the features is that this vacuum comes with detachable and washable filters. This storage or screen can hold up to .56 quart of dirt at a time. Cleaning the filter is a little messy. It always spread the dust when move. However, you will get an explicit instruction on the manual on how to clean it properly.

Not only the pet hair but also many people used it cleaning the car interior. It comes with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery. So you can even charge it through your RV or can if needed. The vacuum comes with a wall-mount frame-set too. So you can set it near the charging port where you think better.

  • Perfect cleaner for pet hair.
  • Great suction power.
  • Lightweight so easy to move around.
  • It comes with a wall mount.
  • Emptying the filter is tricky; thus, dust can spread all over your hand.

What Makes A Shark Vacuum The Best?

Identifying a good quality vacuum from shark brand is hard if you’re not over-experienced in it. In case you are not so, let’s have a look at the features that control the quality aspects of a best shark vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors –

The Customization Opportunity

Some of the shark vacuums offer an extra brush roll with many accessories, which you can go deeper to clean the carpets. Having such an extension to your vacuum cleaner can let you extend its benefits.

This is one example of add-ons that come with many products from shark vacuums. If you have a more in-depth look at every product of your buying shortlist, you can find a number of add-ons opportunity for each. Each of them having their own benefits, you always have the right to find the best fit for your purpose.

Here are examples of some other add-ons that come with shark vacuums of our list-

  • Some of the models come with an additional attachment to the vacuum cleaners that lets you clean pet hairs, fars or fabrics.
  • To deal with dirt and dusts that come from hard surfaces, you can use an extension that comes with the models like Dust-ways.

Set of Brush Rolls with the Cleaner

Brush rolls are used to transit vacuum cleaners from cleaning hard surfaces to carpets. Some of them offer firm control on them. For example, you can switch on and off them, fasten or slow down them and many more. In case you got a deep and string carpet, you might need brush rolls with longer bristles.

Ease in Cleaning the Filters

Another good feature of a good quality shark vacuum is, the filter would be easy to clean. Because an important influencer is the type of filters and their cleaning capacity. Some of the vacuums come with filters that are must be cleaned or changed once every month.

Can be Used on Multi-purpose

In 2020, technology has reached everywhere, even to your home-based vacuum cleaner. Many of the good quality shark vacuums often can be transformed into a vertical based vacuum or a hand vac. The benefit is, you can serve many of your purposes like cleaning both floors and deep table bottoms, etc. So, it’s important to decide what type of transition you would like to have in your shark vacuum.

Hardwood floors cleaning tips:

Vacuum cleaners are good to get rid of dirt without messing another part of your room. But for that, you need to learn all about it like, the using, emptying the dust storage and maintenance. Here are some simple tips and tricks to follow while using it on hard floors. Such as,

Run the vacuum multiple times

It may seem a bit wired since vacuum cleaners have the extreme suction power to attract the dirt. But the truth is you may not be able to clean a spot just running the head once. Especially, in highly messy places. So, run your vacuum multiple times in a different direction. That’s how you can pick most of the dirt, including maximum pet hair.

Make a routine

It’s essential to make a schedule of how many times you are going to vacuum your home, shop, or office. Usually, most houses are good to vacuum once or twice a week. High traffic areas may need frequent vacuuming. No matter how many times you need to clean the house, follow the schedule tightly. That is how you will free from the stress of cleaning and maintaining your expensive vacuum cleaner.

Change the cup/canister/bag

The model you get must have a dirt storage option. Make sure to empty it frequently. If you have a bag-less option, empty the cup or container when it’s full. It’s not mandatory to leave the storage every time you use it.

For bagged vacuum, change it when it’s one-third full. If you wait for it to cross the limit, it may clog the hose or overflow from the section.

Remove small objects

When you are going to clean an area, make sure to remove little things like toys, packet, bottle, etc. make the surface clear form any objects that can make it trying to run the machine.

Select the right settings

Many vacuum cleaners offer different settings for hard floors, carpeted floors, etc. make sure you are in the correct settings. If your vacuum machine has only low, mid, and high settings, make sure what works for you before running.

How to buy a shark vacuum for hardwood floors?

The vacuum cleaner meant to be clean an area entirely. But there are some factors that determine either it’s going to work or not or how much. Follow these factors before choosing a high-quality vacuum for hard floors. Like,

Vacuum Type

The first thing is that you need to decide which type of vacuum cleaner you need for your purpose. There are many different types available such as upright, stick attached, or handheld. These are basically your options under 50, so choose one which will go with your living space.

The old debut about the vacuum is which one is ideal, corded, or cordless. It’s totally up to user preference.

Cleaning Performance

The performance of a vacuum totally depends upon its suction power, cleaning head or brush roll. Look for a vacuum that has multiple tools upholstery equipment to clean different things. Also, various speed settings will be helpful in achieving the desired performance.

In addition, many vacuums have an air filtration process. That helps to remove air from the dirt storage compartment after filtering the air.

Portable and versatile

The model you are going to choose is needed to be flexible. If it’s light and easy to move with, then you will comfortably use that for a long time.

Look for a vacuum that can move in multiple directions. That can be achieved through the movement mechanism. Wheels or rotation balls attach with the head to run it in single or multiple courses. Infect many vacuums include both of those. Cleaning the room edges, carpet, under the furniture will be more comfortable with this kind of vacuum heads.

Some high-end vacuum has a vapor or steam option to clean the hard floors keenly. So with removing dust, you can sanitize the floor. This is a great addition but costly also.

Lightweight design

Lightweight vacuums are competent to work with. If it’s the handheld vacuum, it has to be light. Others could be a little heavy. But for long term use, your space should be firm, high in quality and light, infect all.


Even though it’s hard to find a vacuum cleaner with a good filtration system within this budget, we had to mention it as the last point. Pollutants, allergens, and dust can and will make your life a living hell. So, find a vacuum cleaner with a good filtration system for your health.

Final Words:

There are many brands available on the market, and the shark is one of the best companies for the vacuum cleaner. If you need the best shark vacuum for hardwood floors, these are amazing cleaners for you. These are not only for hardwood floors, but also you can use for cleaning carpets and pet hairs. So, you will get multi-function cleaning if you have a shark vacuum cleaner.

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