Bed bugs are a plague that could turn into a nightmare sooner than we realize. It’s better to deal with them before they turn into a bigger problem, but if they do, some cleaners will help you get rid of them. One of those cleaners is the steam cleaner.

So, we’ll talk about the top offers to find the best steam cleaner for bed bugs in this article. Since there are many models and brands available, the search was tough, but we’ve come up with seven products that could do the job.

To choose these steamers, we kept in mind their performance, running time, water capacity, among other things. However, you can also use a vacuum cleaner for bed bugs cleaning. So, here’s what we learned after reviewing them.

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Top 7 Best Steam Cleaner for Bed Bugs

Let’s take a look at the following products to find out how they’re capable of keeping bed bugs away.

#1 McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner

McCulloch MC1275

If you liked this machine because of its good looks, then wait until you see what it can do. The sleek design is one reason to love the device, as it’s compact, meaning that it’d reach tight spots. With only 10 pounds and dynamic wheels, the McCulloch MC1275 is a convenient cleaning tool.

The number of attachments included is 18, including a triangle bush, a water funnel, among other items. Even though there’s not a case included keeping all of them organized, once you get the hang of those, every one of the attachments will come in handy for different tasks.

This machine uses a 48-ounce water tank. Before pouring water, use the included funnel to fill the tank. Otherwise, there will be spills everywhere. After filling it with water, you have to wait around 8 minutes to achieve an estimated temperature of 200°F.

Even though the manual would indicate that the hot steam can run for about 45 minutes, the reality is that it won’t get past the 15 minutes mark before cooling off. Still, the real issue is dealing with the button of the hose attachment, which often gets stuck and requires a lot of effort to get it out.

This machine is excellent for almost every room, but it does deliver incredible results if you use it for smaller areas. Also, its compact design makes it easy to maneuver inside those awkward spaces such as corners. The way you want to use this cleaner for more efficiency is doing regular cleaning tasks.

If you let dirt and other pollutants pile up, the McCulloch MC1275 may not have enough power to remove them. Also, trying to clear larger spaces will quickly show one of the unit’s biggest flaws, which is its lack of stamina to provide hot steam long enough to cover such areas.

  • Compact design to reach tight spots.
  • Great performance for cleaning bed bugs.
  • Long cord for higher mobility.
  • Powerful, continuous steam.
  • Many attachments included.
  • Low-quality attachments.
  • Not good for large rooms.

#2 Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Heavy Duty Steamer

what steam cleaner is best for bed bugs

If you’re looking for a simple cleaner, well, it doesn’t get any simpler than this product. The Dupray Neat is, as the name states, a neat device. There are no sophisticated features or buttons that may complicate its use. Instead, it includes an on/off switch, simple but effective.

Using this device is a rather quick process. You push the button, and then wait until the light turns green. Once it does, that’d be the sign to start cleaning. If you’re familiar with the Dupray brand, you know that most of its machines share a similar design, only the sizes are different.

Inside the package, you get a variety of attachments. Some of them are microfiber pads, extension tubes, a rectangular floor tool, among other stuff. The Dupray Neat may be simple, but the many accessories included make it just as good as the larger, more sophisticated cleaners.

Overall, the unit weighs 9 pounds without water. To fill it, users would need to add tap water and nothing more. Once you finish cleaning, flushing the unused water is necessary, as it will extend the lifespan of the cleaner. Other than that, there are almost no more maintenance tasks needed.

The tank is capable of holding 54 ounces of water, and it’ll operate for an estimated time of 50 minutes. Heating the water to a 275°F temperature would take about 7 minutes in total. Filling the tank is not hard either. Unscrew the cap at the top, and start pouring water inside, stopping when it begins to pool at the top of the built-in funnel.

The only issue is that there isn’t an indicator to let you know how much water remains inside. You’d have to pretty much guess that by yourself.

  • It’s multipurpose cleaner.
  • Simple to fill and to use
  • Lightweight, and portable design.
  • High-quality attachments.
  • Comes with warranty.
  • No indicator to keep track of the water remaining inside the tank

#3 Pure Enrichment PureClean Steam Cleaner

Pure Enrichment

Pure Enrichment PureClean Steam Cleaner has a low-profile design. It’s a canister model device capable of producing a pressurized vapor that exits the unit through the nozzle, reaching a temperature of 200°F, approximately. People can use this machine to remove stains created in those particularly wet areas.

You can press the switch located beside the trigger flow, which will deliver continuous streaming for several minutes. Using this device and knowing how to operate the buttons are not hard. On the contrary, the cleaner feels like an intuitive tool that most people learn how to use quickly.

The construction of the unit is robust, and it weighs slightly below 10 pounds. Carrying the cleaner is not hard, as the wheels make moving it across the rooms easy. Thanks to the power cord that measures 16-foot, you should be able to cover the rooms without power issues.

Other than using it to get rid of bed bugs, you can do plenty of cleaning chores around the house with this device. The large steam loads would do well in clearing stains or to refresh the carpets. While operating, it isn’t odd for this machine to run extensively, reaching almost an hour.

Users have to follow a simple process to ready the machine. First, fill it with water, approximately three-fourths would be enough and then turn on the power. You may have to take a few pauses to allow the pressure to reach a good level before triggering the flow.

Similar to the cleaner reviewed before, this one has the same issue, which is the lack of a water-level gauge, or an alert to let us know when it’s ready to use. Users often have to figure out many of these things by themselves, which should not be the case.

Another issue is the two-sided pads. These accessories are not as thick as you’d expect, and that’s a shame because it makes them less absorbent. Overall, it is a multipurpose cleaner so that you can use it not only for mattress or bed bugs but also for any floors such as vinyl floor cleaner.

  • Large water capacity.
  • It has extended hose.
  • Switch to control water flow.
  • Many accessories included.
  • Long cord for large area cleaning.
  • Two-sided pads lack thickness.
  • No water-level indicator.

#4 Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Steamfast SF-370WH

This cleaner may not be the most compact, but it does have plenty of power to get every stain out of fabric. The motor works at 1500-Watt, and the water tank stores up to 45 ounces, guaranteeing a continuous performance that could easily reach the 30 minutes without interruption.

Another incredible feature you may appreciate is the trigger, which produces constant steam with the option to lock the switch. While using it, the cleaner will remove those stains that were hard to remove with other tools. Oven doors, sinks, and grills are easy to clean with this machine.

Despite its small design, this machine surely surprises most people due to its high water capacity and efficient performance. Besides, the low price also makes it a product that everyone could get without investing too much.

This device reaches different temperatures. While in some circumstances it would get to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, sometimes it gets up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Regardless, none of those are even near to the temperature promised by the manufacturer, which is a slight disappointment.

The same thing happens with the running time; the manufacturer promises a performance for about 45 minutes, but the machine only gets to 30 minutes approximately. So, that’s why we picked it as one of the best cleaner for bed bugs.

Even if you get past that small issue, you’ll encounter another quality problem with the attachments. The materials used to create those are just not good enough, which naturally affects the machine’s performance. If you use it regularly, these accessories may not last long.

Still, those issues didn’t seem to bother previous customers. Yes, the unit runs for slightly less time than what the manufacturer promises, but its efficient performance guarantees a thorough cleaning. In the end, that’s all that matters.

  • Excellent quality for deep cleaning..
  • Enough running time to complete most tasks.
  • Small size for tight areas.
  • Large water capacity.
  • Affordable price.
  • The quality of the attachments isn’t good.
  • While operating, the temperature doesn’t go as high as the manufacturer promises.

#5 Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System

best cleaner for bed bugs

Although less popular than the other picks, Vapamore is a brand that quickly earns its place in every household. It’s not a surprise either; with more than 20 attachments, you’ll barely not need to buy separate items for this machine. Vapamore MR-100 Primo comes with an excellent cleaning system for carpets, floors, bed, and more.

Overall, the estimated runtime of this cleaner is 60 minutes straight on a full tank. The temperature reached by the steam goes beyond the 200°F, which is hot enough to get rid of every bacteria, including bed bugs.

The reason why this product is effective against bed bugs is that it allows you to do an in-depth cleaning naturally. There are no toxic chemicals needed, which means that there’s no awful smell left afterward. After using the Vapamore MR-100, the room remains comfortable.

However, before using, there are some precautions to keep in mind. For instance, you may want to avoid hard water, as it could damage the unit. Instead, distilled water works just fine. Of course, you can learn about all of these considerations by reading the user guide.

Also, you should be aware of the few disadvantages of buying this product. First, this device isn’t compact nor portable. It weighs 20 pounds, which means that moving it across rooms isn’t as easy as we may think.

Additionally, you’d have to perform maintenance regularly on the cleaner to ensure it works properly. Every device requires maintenance, but this one is perhaps one of the most demanding in that area. If you don’t, chances are its lifespan may decrease significantly.

Other than those few things that may discourage people, everything else about this machine is outstanding. Many previous customers even consider it as the best steam cleaner for killing bed bugs. Of course, that’s debatable, but it sure is a clear contestant for that title.

  • Many accessories included.
  • Kills bed bugs almost instantly.
  • Cleans and sanitizes surfaces.
  • Large cleaning head.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Expensive.
  • Requires maintenance regularly.

#6 Conair Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer

Conair Extreme

You can use this device in one of two methods. First, there’s the 395° mode, which is suitable for wool or cotton. Secondly, you have the 200° mode, which works well over silk, polyester, and silk, among others. These two modalities allow you to clean a variety of fabric successfully.

Besides the two modes, this machine features three attachments that you can remove if needed. Those three additional items are the fabric brush, a creaser, and the soft cushion brush. Also, there’s a water reservoir that you could detach from the unit too.

Of course, those are just pieces. What about technology and performance? Well, this handheld device features the ExtremeSteam technology, which is a dual heating mechanism that creates concentrated steam and gets 30% hotter than other cleaners. The temperature is pretty high, and it will penetrate through heavy fabrics effortlessly.

The heating up process doesn’t take much time. After only 75 seconds, the cleaner will be ready to go, allowing you to use it quickly if you’re in a hurry. Once it’s hot, the steamer provides efficient performance for fifteen minutes approximately.

Whether or not you have experience using these devices isn’t something that should worry you. Using the Conair GS23N is pretty easy for everyone. There’s a yellow indicator for the power, and a green one that lets you know when the steamer is ready to use.

If you decide to go with this one, make sure to take good care of the product. Finding repair parts is difficult, and even if you do encounter some spare pieces, chances are they will be rather expensive. You also need to ensure the settings are alright. Otherwise, the steamer won’t work well over certain fabrics. Luckily, with the right adjustments, this product shouldn’t give you trouble.

  • Quick heating in 75 seconds.
  • Easy to fill the water tank.
  • Long 9 ft. power cord.
  • Includes many useful accessories.
  • Affordable price.
  • Spare parts for repairs are not easy to find.

#7 BEAUTURAL 1200W Steamer for Clothes

best handheld steam cleaner for bed bugs

It may be in the last spot on this list, but this product is the best handheld steam cleaner for bed bugs for many people. Not because of a few reasons, but many. What does this product have to offer? Let’s see!

First of all, this device works over a variety of fabric types. Use it on cotton, polyester, silk, velvet, and it will clean over them easily. Also, you could try it on sofas, toys, and many more items around the house. Chances are it will work over those items as well.

The Pump Steam tech is one of the reasons why customers love this handheld device. It prevents leaking and spilling, which allows you to steam the clothing pieces, whether they’re lying vertically or horizontally.

After activating it, the device produces steam within 15 seconds. The estimated running time is 15 minutes straight. Thanks to the power cord, you should be able to maneuver the steamer around the room easily. It’s also convenient for managing bed bugs because you can clean from every angle.

Due to the stainless steel plates, there’s almost zero risk of damage. The steamer resists against rust. Still, the handheld device does require some level of maintenance. Fortunately, the cleaning brush is detachable, making it easy to care for it when needed.

Since this product is slightly different from the others, the lack of clear instructions is a disadvantage. Many people may not know how to steam different fabric properly, which could ruin their clothing or bed. Going online for information on how to use it shouldn’t have to be necessary.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll see why previous customers consider this steamer as one of the best.

  • 260ml tank for 15 minutes of operation.
  • It comes with leak-proof design.
  • Works over different fabrics and furniture too.
  • Comfortable handheld unit.
  • Easy to maneuver and use.
  • Doesn’t include clear instructions on how to steam over different fabrics.

What to Look for in a Steam Cleaner for Bed Bugs?

There are many brands and steam cleaners for mattress and bed bugs. So it is hard to think what steam cleaner is best for killing bed bugs. The following points are some of the considerations to keep in mind before purchasing your steamer.

Heat and Pressure

If you want to kill the bed bugs, you’ll need a steamer capable of doing that. The device of your choosing must produce steam with a temperature close to 200°F. At that range, bed bugs and their eggs will disappear right after passing the device over them.

Steamers that offer less than 200°F are still good, but they’ll take more time and effort to get rid of the bed bugs.

Steamer Type

The next thing you have to figure out is what type of steamer you want. There are two models: handheld devices, and the larger models that are similar to vacuums.

Each model has its benefits. You could say that a larger steamer won’t let you reach tight spaces, but with the right accessories, you’d be able to clean everything like bed bugs.

In this case, it’s a matter of which one you prefer the most.

Water Capacity

Hot steam isn’t enough to kill bed bugs if the steamers work for only a few moments. Ideally, you’d want a product that operates longer than 30 minutes. Anything more than that amount of time is great, but not many machines will get beyond that.

A large water capacity increases the steamer’s working time. It’s suitable for people that need to clean larger areas.

Extra Attachments

There’s a limit to what a single cleaning head can do. The package should include a variety of attachments to ensure thorough cleaning. For instance, stuff like mop pads, nylon brushes, floor mops, and many more.

Not only that, but those attachments should last long too. Some steamers may have a ridiculous amount of accessories, but if they’re not durable, then what’s the point.

Power Cord

Any corded machine reduces your ability to walk freely across the rooms. To avoid that, consider buying a steamer with a long cord.

How Should You Use Steamers against Bed Bugs?

So, how do you use the products reviewed here to erase bed bugs from your surroundings? Here’s how you do it.

Get the Right Steamer

First and foremost, you’ll need to get a steamer capable of getting the job done. Not all of them will deliver the power and performance needed to get rid of bed bugs, though. Take a look at the buying guide and the products included in this article to find the one you need.

Follow Instructions Strictly

Before using the steamer, you should know its limitations. Read the manual and the instructions included. Those two things should give you a better idea of how to use the cleaning tools to remove bed bugs. Keep in mind that, if used incorrectly, steamers could mess up some fabrics.

Start Steaming

Once you get the hang of the steamer, start cleaning everything. Floor, bed, walls, crack, curtains, and any other place you suspect may have bed bugs hidden. Take your time, and cover every one of these areas to prevent missing any area.

You could try the following tips to ensure you clean thoroughly.

  • Choose the cleaning area, like a curtain, and start at one corner. Then, proceed to the opposite corner doing section by section. It may be a slow process, but it’d be better not to miss any bed bug.
  • During the steaming, make sure not to pass the device over wet surfaces.
  • Also, try not to steam a single surface more than what’s necessary, or it may ruin the fabric. Avoid steaming over electrical outlets as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can the steamers do?

Steamers can clean over the fabric without using chemicals or strong substances. By producing hot steam, the devices remove stains, bacteria, grease, and many more. So, it is a great way to kill any bed bugs.

How to use the steamers?

Fill the tank, wait for the device to reach the proper temperature, and start steaming over the fabric. You can use these machines for clothes, furniture, and to kill bed bugs too.

At what temperature do steamers kill bed bugs?

The ideal temperature would be 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, not every device will reach that temperature, meaning that you’d have to spend more time and effort to get rid of bed bugs. Any steamer that reaches near 200 degrees Fahrenheit won’t only kill bed bugs, but also the eggs.

Are bed bugs gone permanently?

For the time being, yes. However, it’s important to get to the root of what originated the bed bugs. Make sure to clean the rooms and items regularly to keep them away.

How long do steamers run?

The estimated running time is 30 to 45 minutes. Some steamers will go longer, and others run less than that amount.


A steam cleaner is one of those tools that make everyone’s lives easier. It can clean almost any fabric, guaranteeing you can remove stains, contaminants, bacteria, and even bed bugs. So, what steam cleaner is best for bed bugs?

Narrowing down the options was tough, but any of the products reviewed here could be your best steam cleaner for bed bugs, really. Since their purpose is the same, and they’re all quite good at achieving that goal, it’s up to you to decide which one you like the most.

Steam cleaners are versatile too. Once you get rid of the bed bugs, you’ll still be able to use them for other cleaning tasks.

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