Did you know that wet-mopping your laminate floor can lead to warping? What happens is that liquid can penetrate between the panels of the laminate floors. As a result, it will cause the panels to lift. By the way, keep in mind that laminate flooring is not sealed with a protective coating.

So, what’s the solution to this? Using a steam mop. With a steam mop, hot steam will be released on the floor surface, which then makes the dirt and stain on the floor to come out easily. So, which is the best steam mop for laminate floors out there?

We understand how tricky it can be to choose one. That is why we came up with this article to help you get the perfect steam mop. Let’s get on with it.

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7 Best Steam Mop For Laminate Floors

It is one thing to know about the benefits of using a steam mop, and another to actually find the right steam mop for your laminate floors. Here is a look at the top 7 units to consider among the best steam cleaners for laminate floors.

#1 BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop, 1940

best steam cleaner for laminate floors

First up on the list is this amazing steam mop from Bissell. If you have been purchasing household appliances, you should already know that Bissell is one of the best brands out there. This upright steam mop has been made to offer you an easy time when cleaning your floors. It packs enough power to clean all the tough and sticky messes on your floor. Best of all, there is a flip-down scrubber that helps you achieve all that.

When using this baby, you can choose from the three steam levels. You can either choose the low, medium, or high steam level according to your cleaning needs. If you don’t know which the best level for your floors is, simply make use of the smart set digital steam control.

This baby is lightweight and easy to move around. There is a 23ft long power cord that allows you to maneuver around the room without much restriction. Furthermore, the swivel steering gives you an easy time while at it. When it comes to the accessories that come with this steam mop, Bissell doesn’t disappoint. Here, you get a soft microfiber pad, a scrubby microfiber pad, a carpet glider, as well as two spring breeze fragrance discs.

These fragrance discs come with a fresh flowery smell to keep the room smelling fresh. Bissel takes a step further to offer you three different scented water choices to use in the steam mop. You get the Spring Breeze 1394, Citrus 1393, as well as Eucalyptus Mint 1392. These demineralized waters will leave a fresh scent as you clean the floors.

But you can still use your regular tap water and couple it with the fragrance disc to leave your house looking clean and smelling fresh.

  • Powerful enough to get rid of tough and sticky dirt
  • Produces enough heat to kill 99% of germs and bacteria on the floor.
  • It comes with multiple cleaning accessories.
  • Easy to refill the removable tank.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Easy to assemble (ready in just 30 seconds).
  • The elastic pads can get loose in time.

#2 Steam Mop, LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Floor Steamers

LIGHT 'N' EASY Floor Steamers

This steam mop from Light ‘N’ Easy is among the lightest on the market at only 3.5lbs. But don’t be fooled by the lightweight nature of this unit. It can still deliver a satisfactory job at keeping your floor clean. The steam mop comes with a simple design that makes it easy to use, even for a beginner. Even with its lightweight, this baby comes with a swiveling mop head that lets you maneuver around the furniture with ease.

This baby comes with a 1150W power rating that offers powerful natural steam in just 20 seconds. In other words, this one comes with enough power to get rid of the stubborn stains with ease. Getting started with it is a walk in the park because you will only need to fill the tank and you are good to go.

In terms of the power cord length, this one comes with a 20ft power cord that lets you cover every area around the room without the need for unplugging the unit from the socket. So, what about the user experience and maintenance of the steam mop? In general, you will have an easy time working with it. There is a reusable triple-layered microfiber pad that is also removable.

With this, you don’t have to worry about the messy mops and heavy water buckets. This microfiber pad offers you the perfect steam permeation and optimum friction to eliminate the stubborn stains. Furthermore, there is an optional carpet slider that you can attach if you need to get rid of the bad odor in the room.

We loved how the mop stops releasing steam when you take your hand off the handle. So, this would be an excellent pick for those that have a pet in the house.

  • Lightweight and simple design.
  • Very user-friendly.
  • Stops releasing steam when you let go of it.
  • Features a carpet glider.
  • Easy to get started with.
  • Decent customer support.
  • Doesn’t feature a removable water tank.

#3 Shark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner

best steam mop for laminate wood floors

The shark brand comes with so many vacuums and steam mop cleaners. If you are the kind of person that appreciates a steam mop with a lengthy power cord, this one might not be your best pick. At 18ft long, we still think the power cord on this baby shouldn’t make us fail to include it in our list.

There are a lot of things to love about this steam mop. It might not be a large steam mop, but the water tank capacity is definitely one of the largest. The removable water tank capacity is rated at 12.68 oz, which will keep you going without the need for a regular fill up.

We have to acknowledge that this steam mop comes with a simple design that makes it generally easy to get started with it. In just 30 seconds, the steam mop will be ready to offer you the perfect cleaning experience. Of course, this clean master is lightweight, but also compact. This means that it will give you an easy time when handling and storing it.

Even in the tight spaces, this baby will easily reach there to get rid of the dirt. Whether you want to remove grime, grease, or any other sticky dirt, this steam mop will manage that in a matter of seconds.

  • Compact and highly portable.
  • Sizable water tank.
  • Easy to remove and refill the tank.
  • Ready for use within 30 seconds.
  • The scrub pad is washable and reusable.
  • One of the cheapest on the market.
  • Limited accessories.

#4 Bissell Steam Mop, 1806, Sapphire Powerfresh Deluxe

Bissell Steam 1806

Here is yet another unit that can be considered the best steam cleaner for laminate floors. You can be sure of getting rid of 99.9% of bacteria and germs even without the need for any harsh chemicals or detergents. But you have to use it as directed by the manufacturer.

The convenient handle with an ergonomic design gives you an easy time when controlling this steam mop. However, the steam switch is not too close to the handle. In other words, you will have to use two hands when working with this baby. To some, that is kind-of tiresome.

But one feature that we loved about this steam mop is the fact that it comes with a spot boost brush. As you can already guess, this feature helps to get rid of the stubborn and sticky messes easily.

If you want your house to smell fresh after a good clean-up with the steam mop, simply insert the spring breeze fragrance disc into the tray. Alternatively, you can use the scented waters that are offered along with the cleaner.

Equipped with a 25ft power cord, this master does an amazing job on your floors. By the way, there are different steam settings on this unit. You can choose either the high or low steam setting to meet your needs accordingly.

Also, refilling the water tank is a breeze since there is a measuring cup included. The best part is that the steam mop is designed to easily hold the measuring cup and give you an easy time when you need to use it. This baby will also be ready for use in just 30 seconds.

  • Comes with a 360-degree swivel mop head.
  • Inbuilt water filter.
  • Easy to refill the tank with measuring cup.
  • 25ft power cord.
  • Features a spot boost brush.
  • Comes with scented water and fragrance discs to keep your space fresh smelling.
  • Some think the steam trigger is placed far from the handle.

#5 SKG 1500W Steam Mop

SKG 1500W

For those that love their cleaning appliances to come with multiple accessories, this one right here should be among your top picks. SKG 1500W Steam Mop comes with six different accessories to give you an easy time when cleaning the house.

But we didn’t just pick it for its accessories. This steam mop comes with a unique design, and it has been made to serve you for a long time. In terms of weight, it is almost twice the weight of most steam mops on this list. Nevertheless, it won’t give you a difficult time when moving it around.

It comes with a triangular-shaped head to easily clean the tight corners or any other squeezed area in the house. The mop has a 1500W power rating that can easily heat water to a maximum of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. So yes, it will perfectly keep your floors clean and get rid of any bacteria or germs.

The user-experience of this mop is worth pointing out. You can carry it on your shoulder with the included carrying strap. This way, you can easily clean off the floor, windows, upholstery, or the walls. There are three microfiber pads that you can interchange when need be.

The steam level can be set to either maximum or low based on what you need. This baby can carry a maximum water capacity of 450ml. Luckily, refilling, it is very easy.

Generally, you can use this steam mop as a regular mop, or a handheld cleaning machine. Either way, the available accessories let you achieve the best cleaning results. The best part is that dismantling and assembling the unit is a walk in the park.

  • Sturdy design.
  • Comes with multiple accessories for better cleaning experience.
  • Can be used as a handheld cleaner.
  • Triangular design allows you to clean the corners easily.
  • Easy to refill the water tank.
  • Features a hook for wrapping up the power cord.
  • It is difficult for it to stand upright on its own.

#6 Sienna Luna Steam Mop (SSM-3006)

best steam mop for laminate hardwood floors

If you like a mop that cleans in an instant without making several passes on the laminate floor, this one will suit you. The cleaner comes with a large cleaning surface of 6 by 13 inches, which makes it one of the best. Along with the large surface, this cleaning head also comes with a heavy-duty eco microfiber pad. This microfiber pad is both washable and reusable. Above all, it is easy to attach it to the mop.

With this steam mop, you get a power rating of 1500 watts, which is strong enough to get rid of the toughest stains and even eliminate germs and bacteria on the floor. It comes with a 25ft power cord, along with a 180-degree swivel head. This then helps you to maneuver around the floor with ease easily.

If you are cleaning and you want to move the furniture or do something before you get back to cleaning, the design of this mop allows you to stand it upright on its own. It is loaded with a 450ml water tank that is easy to refill.

Do you have some low-lit rooms or some corners around the room that are too dark to see? No problem. The steam mop comes with an LED headlight that lights up the cleaning path and also highlights the areas that need cleaning. This way, you won’t miss a spot even in the dark areas.

We have to mention the Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration Technology on this unit, which offers the ideal scrubbing effect. With this technology, you will be sure of fast and precise clean up while reducing the time and effort. Getting started with this baby won’t need a single tool. In less than a minute, this master will be ready to start cleaning.

  • Runs with MicroPulse Technology to reduce cleaning time and effort.
  • Comes with an auto-shutoff energy-saving feature.
  • LED headlight lights up dark areas.
  • Has a carpet glider kit and two washable microfiber cleaning pads.
  • Large cleaning surface.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • The cleaning pad can fall off after a while.

#7 O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop with 1 Extra Refill

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam

Not everyone is a fan of advanced steam mops with complex features/design. If you just want a simple steam mop to clean, then this unit from O-Cedar would be a great pick for you.

The simple design of this cleaner makes it easy to use for everyone. This one is lightweight at only 5lbs without water. So, it can reach around 5.5lbs when you fill it with water. It has an inbuilt water tank that we thought is easy to maintain. Also, refilling is not difficult at all.

This will heat up and be ready to steam in just 20 seconds. The best part is that you don’t need to switch anything. Just plug it into the wall, and it will be ready to go. In terms of the cleaning experience, you get a Snap-On glider that lets you refresh your carpet.

Furthermore, there is an extra microfiber pad at your disposal. Luckily, the microfiber pad is very much washable. But the best part is that the microfiber pad can be washed up to 25 times before it needs replacement.

You’ll have an easy time when cleaning the corners with this unit because it comes with a triangular head. The head also has a swivel design to give you an easy time when maneuvering around the furniture. If you need different steam levels, this baby offers that to you with ease. You can easily turn the knob to choose whether you want a high or low steam level according to your cleaning needs.

All in all, you will have an easy time when working with this steam mop. Even with its limited features, this still can be considered a top steam cleaner for laminate wood floors.

  • Simple design makes it user-friendly.
  • Triangle head makes it easy to clean around corners.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Inbuilt water tank is easy to refill.
  • Adjustable steam level.
  • Ready to use in just 20 seconds after plugging in.
  • Only two microfiber pads that are not very durable.
  • No added accessories.

Why Should Use a Steam Mop for Laminate Floors?

So, you already know that a steam mop is the best choice for cleaning laminate floors. But do you really know why you should get one? Here is a look at some of the reasons for using a steam mop.

A Steam Mop Doesn’t Use Harsh Chemicals

When using a steam mop, all you will need is water. You won’t have to worry about the harsh chemicals and detergents that might ruin your laminate flooring.

It Cleans and Sanitizes Too

Besides getting rid of dirt and other debris, the steam mop will also sanitize the floor. Here, the hot steam will naturally kill any germs and bacteria on the floor as it cleans.

It Is a Versatile Cleaner

Another reason for getting one of these cleaners is the fact that they are super versatile. And the versatility is not about the ability to clean and sanitize. Instead, you can find a steam mop with multiple attachments that you can use to clean other areas such as the counter, furniture, upholstery, and even car interior.

Faster Drying Time

If you compare the time it takes for the floor to be dry as you use a traditional mop or a steam mop, the steam mop tends to make the floor dry faster than the traditional mop.

Offers a Fresh Scent

After the steam mop has cleaned the floor accordingly, you can be sure of having a nice and fresh smell around the house.

Now you have reasons enough to get yourself a steam mop for your laminate floors.

Features to Consider Before Buying

So, now you have a clue of which units to go for when you are looking for the perfect steam cleaner for laminate wood floors. But if none of the listed units meets your needs and preferences, you should follow this buyer’s guide that we applied.

Consider Your Cleaning Needs/Versatility

Before anything, you have to consider your cleaning needs. Why do you need the mop in the first place? Do you need it for cleaning hard surfaces like laminate, tiles, and wood, or you also need it for carpet and upholstery? How large is the floor or area that needs to be steam mopped?

Ensure that you understand the cleaning needs before you go for a specific mop. If you want to use it for more than just cleaning the hard floors, ensure that it has other accessories to help you clean other areas around the house. A cleaner with more accessories tends to be versatile than one with fewer accessories.

Ease of Use

The user experience of the steam mop is another factor you should consider. You should go for a unit that gives you an easy time to set it up or dismantle (if it can be used as a handheld cleaner). If you are refiling the water tank, it should give you an easy time.

The maintenance in terms of the wash-ability of the cleaning pads should also be a point to consider. You should generally have an easy time working with the steam mop. The maneuverability is also a point you must consider.

Heating Time

We prefer going to a steam mop with a fast heating time. This means that you will not have to wait for long for the steam to be ready for mopping. Ideally, the mop should be a plug-in to steam to give you an easy time. Also, the mop/steam should heat up in less than 30 seconds.

Cord Length

In terms of the cord length, it is difficult to specifically point out the size of length you should go for. First off, you need to consider the size of your room that you will be mopping and the placement of the outlet. Generally, choose a steam mop with long enough power cord to give you easy maneuverability.


How durable is the steam mop? The durability of the steam mop depends on its construction and warranty provided. Yes, these cleaners are made of plastic, but it should be strong enough to run for a long time without breaking down. If it comes with a 2yrs+ warranty, then it is a unit that will last for a long time.

Don’t forget to consider the brand and cost of the steam mop when shopping for one. So, just make sure you go for a unit that meets your cleaning needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a steam mop safe for laminate floors?

Yes, a steam mop is safe and the best option to use on laminate floors. This mop will release steam that is heated to about 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which is safe enough for laminate. It doesn’t soak up the panels on the floor.

What is the best way to clean laminate flooring?

To clean your laminate floors, ensure that you use soft microfiber pads with the steam mop. This helps to keep the floor clean and kill the germs and bacteria. You can still damp-mop once a month for a thorough deep clean.

How do you keep laminate floors clean and shiny?

It’s very easy to pull this off. First off, you will need to use the steam mop as directed. After the floor is clean and dry, you can take use a microfiber cloth to buff the floor accordingly.

How many times should I steam mop laminate floor? 

With steam mopping, you don’t have to do regular cleaning on the floors. You can steam mop at least once in a week or depend on how fast the floor gets dirty.

Can I use detergent in the steam mop?

Avoid using detergents or any harsh chemicals on the steam mop as much as you can. However, you can only use it if you are directed to use it.

Final Words

Now, that marks the end of it all. As of now, we are confident that you have enough information to help you choose the best steam mop for laminate floors. Just keep in mind that the ‘best’ steam mop is that which meets your cleaning needs and preferences.

Evaluate what you want and only choose a steam mop that will serve you accordingly. Also, don’t forget to go through the customer reviews to see what other users are saying about the steam mop.

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