Are you looking for the best steam mop for vinyl floors? We understand that you are considering a solution to clean your vinyl floor without much effort. And yes, a steam mop is the best solution for you. But have you checked if it can provide enough heat to clean effectively and kill germs? If you have not, you are in big trouble.

Is it that you have missed that thinking all steam mops are hot enough? Well, think again, and now we are concerned if you have missed other vital factors too. Before deciding to buy a steam mop, you should consider a few things.

We have already done the research and reviewed some great performing steam mops for you. So, you don’t need to waste valuable time for finding the best one by researching and comparing. Let’s see those reviews and check the factors we considered buying a steam mop to clean vinyl floors.

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Top 5 Best Steam Mop for Vinyl Floors

The following cleaners are great performers on vinyl floors, and you can choose anyone according to your budget and requirements. But if you feel confused, you can see our editor’s pick at the end and order one.

#1 Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro 10-in-1

Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro

Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro is a fantastic steam mop. With a reasonable price for just under 100 bucks, it is also one of the best steam mops for vinyl tile floors. It offers 10 different features in one device, which are very helpful for households. This one is quick and capable of cleaning vinyl floors. The most convenient feature of this one is its detachable handheld steam cleaner.

You can clean floors with the mop along with steam or use the steam cleaner separately to clean glass or other surfaces. It comes with a window squeegee, straight nozzle, nylon brushes, and bent brushes so that the handheld steamer can apply steam effectively. Some cleaners need distilled water to clean, and it might be a hassle for some people. So, this one comes with the capability of cleaning surfaces with only tap water.

That will save you a lot of trouble and effort. Its 340ml tank can hold enough water to cover large surfaces and give you 25 minutes of runtime. To get most of the areas within this time, it has a steering and rectangular mop design. For this reason, reaching tight corners and under the table won’t be a problem anymore.

This cleaner has 3 different steam levels so that you can clean vinyl floors without damaging the floor. It comes with multiple accessories so that you can use it to clean different surfaces properly. Its steam cleaning is so effective that you won’t need to use chemicals or anything else, making it safe for kids and pets. There are also some vacuums for vinyl floors that clean these types of floors easily.

Moreover, the handheld steam cleaner can be used for cleaning glass, carpet, garment, and many more materials. There are no other models present on this list that can give you this many options. Also, no other offer removable handheld steam cleaner. So, get this great steamer without any delay with the best available price.

  • Removable handheld steamer.
  • It can clean multiple surface.
  • Easy and quick cleaning.
  • Seamless operation.
  • Lightweight and highly portable.
  • Short cord length.

#2 Shark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner

Shark S1000A

During the research, we eliminated a lot of cleaners because of their too much water-releasing problem. That is not a problem for other hard floors but a significant issue for vinyl plank floors. That is why we chose Shark Steam Mop for our list. The mop releases very little steam on a specific area and leaves no residue.

So, there will be no chance of getting water in between the sheets. Moreover, the steam gets hot within only 30 seconds, and the removable water tank makes it easy to fill the tank. It is a compact steam mop with rectangular mop design, which makes it easier to clean the corners. Also, the mop cloth has loose threads on all of the sides, which ensures zero dirt.

On the other hand, the overall weight, even with water of it, is not much, and anyone can effortlessly clean a large apartment. The whole point of having a steam mop is effortless cleaning without getting tired. You can order this one and be sure to have the same energy after mopping as before.

The water tank capacity of this steam cleaner is 12.68 ounces ensuring a longer cleaning time. You can clean floors using only water so that your kids or pets don’t get exposed to harmful chemicals. The mop and hot steam can effectively remove grease and grime without leaving any residue.

Furthermore, the cleaner is lightweight and has a flexible steering system so that you can clean large areas without much effort. It comes with an 18-foot long cord to cover large rooms without having to change plug points. For effective cleaning and easy maintenance, people love the Shark Steam Mop more than anything.

  • Removable water tank.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Effortless cleaning.
  • Removes grease perfectly.
  • It comes with extra pads.
  • Requires vacuuming before cleaning.

#3 LIGHT ‘N’ EASY 7618ANB Steam Mop, Black


Here is one of the best steam mops for vinyl plank floors agreed by thousands of customers. The LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop can efficiently clean wooden, stone, tile, laminated, and vinyl plank floors along with carpets. Smooth steering and the shape of the mop will let you reach corners and maneuver obstacles.

On the other hand, the mop pad has a unique design and the most effective material combination to ensure maximum steam permeability. As a result, the hot steam itself will prove to be enough for cleaning and shining your vinyl floors. The intelligent mechanism of the steamer will stop releasing the vapor when you leave the handle of the cleaner. So, no accidental spills or damage will be a possibility with this steam mop.

So, it is entirely safe for the floor, your kids, and pets. After cleaning, you will find that the mop is easy to clean and ready to use again. Furthermore, unlike some other models, this one uses only tap water and no extra chemicals making the cleaning safe for everyone. So, get this steam mop without any doubt or worrying about the budget.

Without water, the mop weighs only 3.5 pounds, making it easily operable and effortless room cleaning. The steam can generate up to 212-degree steam, effectively cleaning the most stubborn stains quickly. It needs only to tap water to clean surfaces, which makes it safe for those who love yoga, kids, and pets.

The mop has a control switch that will let you control the steam release and leave no wet zones. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam comes with a 20 feet long cord and 220ml water tank so that you can clean large areas without refilling too often. Also, you can see these handheld steamers for grout if you have grout problem in tile floors. So, buy it if you want something durable and reliable for cleaning floors.

  • High performance cleaning.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Long power cord.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • No swivel steering.

#4 Smart Living Steam Mop Plus, White and Green

Smart Living

If you are looking for a great performing and famous steam mop, this is the one. After a lot of searches and going through reviews, the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus will surely impress you. The mop has a simple design and a few features but is reliable and durable. As a result, you won’t get many options, but you will get something that will last for years.

That is why people love it over others. In the middle of the handle, you can create an angle so that you can move it without getting tired. It will also help you to clean the bottom of the tables without leaning down. As a result, it won’t cause you back pain. Moreover, the button on the handle will let you control the steam, releasing time and quantity for effective cleaning.

For smooth mopping, it comes with reusable microfiber pads. These pads can catch dirt effectively, and you can wash them easily after the cleaning is done. The water tank can hold enough water to give you a long runtime without having to fill it again. Also, the heating element is handy and can warm the water within minutes.

You can simply fill the tank and plug it in, and the water will be ready within minutes. For its reliable mopping capabilities and a reasonable price, we think you can order one now. No toxic chemicals or other substances will be needed to clean if you have this steam cleaner.

Within minutes, it can warm the water up to 110-degree Celsius, making it ready for effective cleaning. This steam mop can sanitize and clean wood laminate, vinyl, ceramic, and more floors without damaging. It uses distilled water so that the cleaning can be more productive, and your kids and pets stay safe afterwards.

  • Great to use for vinyl floors
  • Hard surface cleaning
  • Effective pads.
  • Seamless operation.
  • Short cord length.

Factors to Look for Buying a Steam Mop for Vinyl Floors:

There are a lot of steam mops on the market, and you can get easily fooled by something you don’t need. That is why we are describing 5 major characteristics of a steamer below. Ensure these facts, and you will have the best steam mop for vinyl floors.


The first thing is its versatile usability, which will ensure that you can use it on multiple surfaces saving money. Moreover, look if the cleaner can clean other surfaces like glass garments, carpets, etc. Some even come with LED lights so that you can see dark spots and corners to clean correctly. This is the versatile use we are talking about, and you should concentrate on it.

Steam Temperature

After that, it comes to steam quality, which means how hot the steam is. More heat means you will be able to remove more stubborn stains and grease. So, look for the steam mops that can heat the water for over 200-degree Fahrenheit. Also, make sure that the cleaner doesn’t take a lot of time to make the water ready. Some cleaners can take time as they have large water tanks and more water to heat. So, a large quantity of water usually takes more time, and it is okay for such cases.

Adjustable Steam

At the time you are making sure that the steamer has enough temperature, you should also look for an adjustable steam feature. What it means is that you should be able to control the amount of steam you want to release whenever you want. Because spraying too much steam over a small area will damage the laminated floor.

Tank Size

Next, the concern is on the water tank capacity. With more tank capacity, you will be able to clean large apartments without refilling it too often. Refilling the water tank takes a lot of time and makes one disappointed. So, make sure that the tank size is enough to give you at least half an hour of runtime.

Power Cord Length

Like water tank capacity, power cord length is also important. Because you can’t plug and unplug to keep cleaning large rooms. With at least 15 feet cord, you will be able to cover large areas. However, cordless steamers are the best option, but those come with less water tank capacity. So, decide which one is more important to you and go for that one.

Those are the most critical factors, but you should also keep some other information while buying a steam cleaner. The size and shape of the mop head are essential to cover corners and clean large areas quickly. Don’t buy anything that looks stylish but can’t mop the corners.

Moreover, look if the package contains enough accessories to clean on different surfaces and have versatile usability. Furthermore, the weight of the cleaner can also leave an effect on cleaning. Too much pressure will make you tired within a short time. So, those are some things to keep in mind, and now let’s see how you can use a steamer mop effectively.

How to Use a Steamer Mop on Vinyl Floors?

All steam mops for vinyl plank floors are not as good as the market. So, you need to know which one’s are the best and you have probably read that above. If you haven’t already read, do it now and then know how to use a steamer mop on vinyl floors. Steam or high temperature and pressure can indeed damage vinyl floors, but you can avoid it by choosing the right cleaner and maintaining some rules.

  • First of all, use a vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt or hard substances that might damage the surface while mopping.
  • Secondly, don’t use the full power of the steamer and the highest temperature. Steam cleaners come in different settings for cleaning different surfaces. So, choose the lower settings on vinyl floors.
  • You can use soapy water for easy and quick cleaning and use a soft cloth or microfiber to mop the floor. However, the mops on our list already have microfiber towels.
  • Moreover, you can use some sort of non-reactive and non-toxic cleaning solutions mixed with the water, and it won’t do much harm to your kids or pets.
  • Finally, you will have to ensure a dry floor with an additional microfiber cloth so that no accidents happen.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are steam mops safe for vinyl floors?

No, not all of the steam mops are safe for vinyl floors. That’s why we have chosen a few capable mops with the best performance to steam clean your floor safely.

What is the best way to clean vinyl flooring?

Apple cider vinegar is the best to clean a vinyl floor, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Also, you can use some vacuum cleaners for vinyl plank floors that can clean perfectly and save your time.

How do I get my vinyl floor to shine again?

You always keep cleaning your floor by vacuuming or mopping. Sometimes we clean our home after a long time. That is not a good idea. Also, after mopping with steam, you can use a little bit of baby oil to shine your vinyl floor.

How do you deep clean vinyl flooring?

There are several methods for deep cleaning of vinyl flooring. The first thing is that you should do mopping includes vinegar regularly. Also, you can follow these tips about how to clean home properly from here.

Can you use a steam mop on vinyl sheet flooring?

No, it is not recommended to use a steam mop on vinyl sheet flooring because the hot steam and dripping water can get under the sheets and damage it.

Final Words

If you are looking for our editor’s recommendation on which one is the best steam mop for vinyl floors, the answer is Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro 10-in-1 that you are looking for. This steam cleaner is the one with an affordable price and great features for the best cleaning experience.

These cleaners are very good at cleaning vinyl floors because this type of floor needs special attention. Order any of these mops with the best available price for the safest and most effective cleaning.

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