Looking for the best vacuum for concrete floors available out there? Well, you have come to the right place. If you need a vacuum cleaner for the concrete floor of your business or your home, or you are confused between dry or wet vacuuming, we have covered it all in this article.

There are so many types and variations of vacuum cleaners out in the market these days. It’s easy to get confused, we know! But if you know the right features and types to look out for, you will have a much easier time making your pick.

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Top 5 Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors

The most vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning concrete floors, but we have selected some best vacuums for you. Below we have reviewed five of our most favorite vacuum cleaners for a concrete floor that we are sure you would love too:

#1 Miele Grey Classic C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum (Editor’s Choice)

best cordless vacuum for concrete floors

Miele Grey Classic C1 Canister Vacuum Cleaner is one beast of a machine for concrete floors. It uses a powerful 1200W Vortex motor that lets you switch between different power levels easily. There is a six-setting dial which you can rotate to select the suction power you prefer, depending on the type of floor you are vacuuming.

One of the main features is that this vacuum has a different cleaning mode. Near the bottom, there is a foot-switch on this vacuum cleaner. With this switch, you can easily switch between hard floor mode and carpeting mode. So, it will help clean your hardwood and carpet floors perfectly.

Miele Grey Classic C1 Canister Vacuum built with a metal soleplate that helps you move the vacuum cleaner smoothly over the floor. There are also small rubber wheels to prevent any unwanted scratches or marks on your flooring. Together the soleplate and the rubber wheels make sure using the vacuum is super smooth and easy.

To clean your house, three additional accessories come with this vacuum cleaner. With the help of these accessories, cleaning the blinds, ceiling fans, and the higher shelves can become the easiest task on earth. These accessories are all attached to the hose of the cleaner. So they will always be within your reach whenever you need them.

Another great thing about this vacuum cleaner is its AirClean system. This system incorporates a motor protection filter and an exhaust filter. Together with a filter bag having a self-sealing collar, these filters make sure your room air is left clean and dust-free once you are done vacuuming.

  • Powerful motor for great cleaning experience.
  • Different power levels to choose from.
  • Prevents marks or scratches from vacuuming.
  • Additional accessories for thorough cleaning.
  • Low noise level and great durability.
  • Accessories can be a bit heavy.

#2 BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner with Wet-Dry Vacuum

BISSELL CrossWave 785A

If you are looking for something that can both vacuum clean and wash your floor at the same time, here is the one for you. BISSELL CrossWave is one of the best vacuum for concrete dust, carpets and hard floors. Because not only will it vacuum clean all the debris from your home, it will follow up with a good wipe so that your floor is left sparkling afterward.

With the help of a dual-action multi-fiber brush roll, this thing works to vacuum and wipe your floor at the same time. As you glide it over your floor, it will first lift up all the dry debris, followed by a wipe down with water and cleaning solution.

There are two separate tanks on this thing, one for a new solution of water and a cleaning agent, another for the dirty water. This way, the used water stays separate, and you can wash your floor with fresh solution each wipe.

A smart control option to spray new solution is also here, so you can keep on vacuuming and washing seamlessly without having to reach for a water bucket. Whenever you need to switch between different surface types, you simply need to reach out with your fingertips.

The great thing about this cleaner is it works great on all kinds of surfaces. It works equally great on sealed hard floors and area rugs. And no matter the type of mess you have there on your floor, this guy is ready to tackle it all.

  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Two different water tanks for best results.
  • Saves time by vacuuming and mopping simultaneously.
  • Can work on different types of flooring.
  • Easy to reach smart touch controls.
  • Does not work well on uneven surfaces.
  • Maintenance is pretty lengthy.

#3 Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim)

best vacuum cleaner for concrete floors

On the lookout for the best robot vacuum for concrete floors? Don’t worry; we got you covered! The eufy RoboVac is circular in shape and, of course, works on its own. It can continue vacuuming for up to a whopping 100 minutes on a single charge. Whenever it feels it needs to boost up its suction power to clean the surface properly, it does just that, in a matter of 1.5 seconds.

True to its robotic ways, this thing can sense danger even before it arrives. It has an infrared sensor on its body, with the help of which it can detect obstacles in its path and avoid impact. There is also a drop sensing technology incorporated into it that lets it know about any stairwells or anything similar that you have in your house.

This RoboVac covers 10.5 inches in a single second, with the noise at a bare minimum. The noise is actually no louder than what your microwave makes when heating something up. Meaning your pet or kid could well be sleeping on the floor, and this guy could still manage to clean around them without waking them up from their nap.

The eufy RoboVac also doesn’t hurt at all that this smart little vacuuming robot is also super nice to look at. With its really lightweight design and anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover, this thing has the futuristic cleaning maid look down pat.

Do you worry about maintaining your vacuum cleaner? If yes, you should have this one because it needs less maintenance than a regular vacuum. Also, this cleaner is the perfect one if you have any older people in your family. The price is high but excellent vacuum for cleaning any floors.

  • Lightweight and works on its own.
  • Has sensors for sensing obstacles and drops.
  • It can recharges automatically.
  • Includes remote control and accessories.
  • Very low noise level.
  • The drop sensor may malfunction occasionally.
  • Not programmable by smartphones.

#4 Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner (Best Value)

Hoover Linx

As this handy cleaner is designed to be cordless, you can easily move it around your house for cleaning. It will no longer matter whether there is a functioning power outlet in the room or not. So, you won’t have to worry about the cord getting in the way of your cleaning either. Also, it is a cordless vacuum under $150 that is under budget cleaner for everyone.

You are probably thinking, Well, this means I won’t be able to clean for too long then. Wrong! This bad boy here gets powered by interchangeable batteries. So even if you use up the charge of one battery, you can just replace it with another fully charged one.

The power controls on this thing are strategically placed, so you can easily reach them with your thumb or fingers whenever you want. This is convenient because this way, you don’t have to bend down or reach too far whenever you need to use the power controls.

Another thing to love about this vacuum cleaner is, there is a very helpful battery fuel gauge on this thing. This gauge lets you know how much battery life it has left. So you can rest easy knowing that it’s not going to give up on you in the middle of your cleaning session.

Moreover, the brush roll is powered with an advanced technology that lets it suck in the dirt from even the hardest to reach corners and crevices. On top of that, the extreme recline handle of the cleaner makes it super easy for you to get this thing under your furniture for quick cleaning.

  • Lightweight body design.
  • Cordless design is easy to maneuver.
  • Interchangeable batteries for lengthy cleanings.
  • Convenient placement of power controls.
  • Has a battery fuel gauge.
  • Needs regular maintenance.
  • Cleaning the tube takes time.

#5 Oreck Commercial Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Oreck Commercial U2000RB1

This one here is perfect for those of you looking for a powerful industrial grade vacuum cleaner. Whether you need it to clean your office, shop, or factory floor, this thing can take it all. It is an upright vacuum cleaner that is designed for easy cleaning around and under all kinds of furniture.

No matter what type of surfaces you need to get cleaned, this upright vacuum cleaner will do it with ease. It is designed to clean all kinds of flooring’s, including concrete, wood, laminate tile, and carpet. You do not even have to make any manual height adjustments for it to work smoothly.

Also, this guy is really quite easy to use, considering it is meant for commercial use. Being a lightweight and compact vacuum, it is quite easy to move around from place to place.

Attached with the cleaner, there is an easily noticeable chamber, called the ‘top fill bag’, that collects all the dirt and debris. It has quite a large capacity, around 630 cubic inches. So you don’t have to stop and empty it out as frequently, even if you have a really large space.

It also has a wide coverage, which lets you finish vacuuming an area way quicker than you would be able to with most other vacuums. This not only means there is less effort needed from your part to clean with this thing, but it also saves a lot of time. So you can go on to tackle other jobs to make the most of your workday.

  • Powerful commercial-grade vacuum cleaner.
  • Functions on all types of surfaces.
  • Long cord helps wide coverage area.
  • Automatic adjustments depending on floor type
  • Large top-fill bag capacity.
  • It has no extra attachments.
  • Cord length can be too much for some.

Types of Vacuums for Cleaning Concrete Floors

The concrete floor is one of the easiest floor types to clean when it comes to vacuum cleaning. And the hardest part is choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your needs. Once you have that, you simply need to turn the power on and go on vacuuming to your heart’s content.

Depending on the type of vacuum cleaner you have, the process of vacuum cleaning your concrete floor may vary:

Conventional Vacuum Cleaners

These vacuum cleaners are quite straightforward to use. If you have a corded one, all you need to do is just plug it in and start vacuuming. Make sure to mind the cord, so it does not get stuck on your leg or any furniture, or the cleaner itself.

Use an extension cord if you find the cord too short. Or, if it is too long, you can use a cable tie to tie up the extra length.

If you have a battery-powered vacuum cleaner, make sure to charge the battery or batteries regularly. Some manufacturers provide extra interchangeable batteries. They are great because you can always keep one fully charged in any case.

Start vacuuming from one end of your room and move up to the other end. Always follow up with the maintenance steps thoroughly to keep your vacuum cleaner in top-notch condition.

Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

It is another great vacuum for cleaning any floors with wet. For these types of cleaners, always refill the water tanks with appropriate ratios of water and cleaning agent. If it has a separate tank for dirty water, remember to clean that up thoroughly after every use.

Robot Vacuums

Most of the robot vacuums are really low maintenance, so you don’t need to worry about them much. If your robot vacuum has scheduling options, make sure to schedule it for a time that best suits you and your family. Pay attention to provide a good docking area for it too. So, you can get the best robot vacuum for concrete floors cleaning.

What Features Make a Good Vacuum for Concrete Floor?

There are several features that you need to keep an eye out for while choosing a vacuum cleaner for a concrete floor. Read on for some of the most important features you should consider before buying:

Corded or Cordless Operation

No matter how big of an area you need to cover with the vacuum cleaner, cordless, or battery-operated is one of the most important criteria you need to decide on. If you like having a continuous, uninterrupted power flow and hate the thought of having to recharge after each use, it is better that you go for a corded vacuum cleaner.

On the other hand, if you don’t want the cord continuously getting in the way of your cleaning, and do not mind having to charge or change the battery, a battery-operated one should be an easy choice. Mostly, both cleaners are suitable for cleaning your house.


Lightweight vacuum cleaners are great because they are easy to move around. Being able to recline the handle far back is also a great option to have because it lets you clean easily under and around the furniture without any problem.

When working on a concrete floor, you want to make sure any parts of the vacuum does not create any friction with the floor. The vacuum must glide smoothly over concrete so as not to create any screeching sound or scratch marks on the floor.

Wheels, especially rubber coated ones, are great to have on a vacuum cleaner for concrete on this aspect. They let the cleaner move smoothly over hard surfaces and prevent any marks or scratches from forming.

Washing Mop

If you regularly follow up vacuuming with washing or mopping your laminate, tile or concrete floor or would like to do so, you might want to look into a washing vacuum that incorporates a mopping function.

These types of vacuum cleaners are great if you often have wet or liquid messes on the floor in addition to dry debris. They also save a lot of your time by doing both vacuuming and mopping at the same time.

Good Suction Power

A vacuum cleaner needs to have ample suction power for cleaning all the debris from all corners and crevices on and around the floor. So make sure the vacuum cleaner you choose does not skimp on the suctioning power area.


This is applicable to all types of vacuum cleaners. Take a look at the steps for maintenance you are going to need to do regularly on the vacuum cleaner. Too many requirements in this department may end up being a deal-breaker for some. So you might want to find it out from beforehand.


We are certain by now you have gained enough insight about which might be the best vacuum for concrete floors and carpet that would best suit your needs. While we love all of them to bits, if you want a high functioning vacuum cleaner that you can rely on for a long time to come, we think the Miele Classic C1 would be the one to go for.

Rest assured, you are going to love having any of these powerful vacuum cleaners at your service. So just hurry and get your hands on one of these for a worry-free cleaning of your space. Do you need a more lightweight vacuum? If yes, you can see this lightweight vacuum for older people who cannot carry heavy weight cleaner for cleaning.

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