What is the hardest job for you while cleaning the house with pets? Of course, picking every piece of pet hair. The pet hairs easily stuck inside the carpet fiber, also on the sofa, cushion, etc. Once they trapped in the fiber, it’s hard to remove completely. That is why you need the best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors.

You may ask, what’s the problem with a normal vacuum cleaner- these also have the high suction power to catch every dirt. Well, the regular vacuum has tended to create hairball rather than pick them all up or pass them over. They are good at mud, sand, etc cleaning but always leave human hair or dog hair on the surface.

However, we are going to talk about some vacuums which has a high-quality filter with excellent suction power. These are mainly designed for picking up animal hair. So, these vacuums clean an area A-Z and leave the cleaner and fresher room without leaving any trace of pet far.

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What Does Pet Vacuum Mean?

A pet vacuum is specially made for cleaning pet hairs, human hairs, and more. This vacuum is not only for the pet but also for cleaning carpet, rugs, and hardwood floors too. Now, what makes a pet vacuum the “Best”? The answer is strong suction power and high-quality brush with filter. A regular vacuum claimed these factors also, but if they had it, we don’t need to create this kind of review.

The pet vacuums come into all sizes and shapes. They could be a canister, stick, upright, handheld, bagged, or bagless. Even now, the robotic vacuum is offering excellent service in the case of hair removal from the carpet and hardwood floors.

The good news is that these are affordable too. You can found an ideal types of vacuums for pet hair removing in cheap to expensive any budget range. All you need a little bit of research about motor power, hose length, brush/ cleaning head, filter quality, dirt storage capacity.

Top 7 Best Vacuum for Pet Hair and Hardwood Floors

Many types of vacuums are available in the market. Depending on your need or what kind of pet you have and quantity, you should carefully choose one. Today, I came with top-rated 7 vacuum cleaners for pet hair, hardwood floors, and carpets cleaning. Let’s see more in our reviews.

#1 Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner

Hoover PowerDash

If you are looking for a vacuum, especially for pet and carpet cleaning, then you might like this one. The Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner is a piece of powerful equipment to take care of your carpeted room, stairs, etc. It’s a light, compact size cleaner that has a sturdy brush, high steam production capacity, and high suction power.

This vacuum has a PowerSpin pet brush roll that works for loosening the dirt from the carpet fiber. And it’s heat force power helps faster drying. So, it gives you antibiotic protection, which is an important thing to consider. Especially if you have a pet inside the house, then this tool will help you to keep the carpets and floor stain, odor, and allergen-free.

The most important feature that you can use both fresh hot water or add carpet cleaner into its dual system tank to get better cleaning. The steam works for stain and bacteria removal like a steam cleaner. But for more fresh and cleanliness, the carpet shampoo is much better.

Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner is a lightweight and compact size which easier to cover light to mid-size rooms. It might be small but mighty as efficient cleaning. Infect comparison to an ordinary carpet cleaner; this one works 2x faster and better.

Overall, it’s an excellent cleaner for cleaning your carpet and hardwood floors. It’s also a low budget vacuum cleaner. So, if you have dogs or cat and looking a perfect cleaner under $100-$150, Hoover PowerDash will a great choice for cleaning any floors, carpet stains, and odor-free.

  • Powerful cleaner for high traffic areas and small spaces.
  • Leigh design and easy to use.
  • Heat-force power allows faster drying.
  • Compact design easy to store.
  • Dual tank system for easy refill and emptying.
  • Very affordable cleaner in price.
  • Not that good for covering large areas.
  • The dirty storage capacity is low.

#2 Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752) Vacuum

shark rotator

The shark is another great name in the vacuum industry. So, here is Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752), which is an advanced upright cleaner for pet hair. It is designed to cover the needs of the pet owners. But this does not mean others cannot use it. Other users will find it as appealing as the pet owners. Truly, it is one of the vacuum cleaners for pet hair.

This is a 3 in 1 upright vacuum cleaners. You can convert the vacuum cleaner into a canister. Also, for your ease of use, you can convert it into a caddy. This enables you to clean those areas that are out of your reach. The vacuum cleaner is very stylish and sturdy. Once you start using this, you will understand how easy it is to clean.

If you have an allergic problem and want to breathe in cleaner air, the Shark Rotator TruePet (NV752) will help you. The anti-allergen technology used in the vacuum cleaner that cleans the air. So you will not face an allergy problem when you clean your home.

The shark TruePet (NV752) vacuum has an incredible suction power that helps to clean almost everything in its way. The vacuum used the swivel steering technology, So, It has excellent maneuverability. You can clean your house at one go. This is for the extra-long cord of 30 feet.

The vacuum cleaner will clean efficiently and there will be no pet hair or dirt in your house if you start using this. The cleaner does not make any sort of buzzing noise. Even your little once would be sound asleep. So, it will be a worthy buy for pet owners.

  • A powerful vacuum for cleaning pet hair.
  • Cleaning the filters are very easy.
  • Easy to clean any types of carpet or hard floors.
  • It can be converted into a canister.
  • The swivel steering enables greater maneuverability.
  • Anti-allergen and HEPA provides cleaner air to breathe.
  • It is designed for right-handed people.
  • No storage to put the bare floor attachments.

#3 Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum

Dyson Cyclone V10

Dyson is a favorite brand among vacuum cleaner, especially on the stick vacuum cleaners. That is why we picked the Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum, and it impressed us. It’s a costly vacuum cleaner than the previous two but worthy of buying it. Let’s see why you should buy this cleaner.

The Dyson stick vacuum Cyclone V10 has a different torque drive cleaner head. The head of this cordless vacuum for pet hair rotated in turbojet speed and removed all kinds of dust in no time. Infect it can be 25% more efficient compared to other vacuums to remove fine dirt or pet hair.

This vacuum cleaner cleans your home better when you have a pet. It can reach every nook and cranny that a regular vacuum can’t. The motor of the vacuum is situated on the handle. As a result, its center of gravity makes it easier to use in the high-up part to reach the corner of the room.

However, it offers the power mode so you can use the right power according to the need. Low power is better for upholstery; mid is for curtain, stair, and max for all kinds of carpeting. For recharging, the vacuum drops into wall-mounted docs. You can also store it tidy in this way. Also, you can change it as a handheld cleaner just by one click, removing the stick.

Do you need a lightweight cleaner for senior people who can clean pet hairs? If yes, you can get this one. The run time is not what we expected, but it is suitable for covering 2-3 rooms together. If you have a small apartment and need a powerful + versatile cleaner, you can try the Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Stick Vacuum.

  • Excellent suction power to clean all kind of floors.
  • Lightweight design and easy to use.
  • Emptying the motor is a lot easier than others.
  • It can be converted into a handheld vacuum.
  • Easy to storage and durable for a long time.
  • Non-removable batter.
  • Battery run time is less than what it stated.

#4 Dirt Devil Razor Pet Steerable Upright Vacuum

Dirt Devil Razor

Dirt Devil Razor Pet Steerable is a versatile vacuum to clean your entire house, upholstery. It has a low profile design which is lightweight and compact. So, it steers around and under the furniture with less effort. This vacuum comes with the premium pet brush roll, which design to optimize to effectively clean an area and remove pets far on the carpet and hard floors.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a 10 ft long extended reach hose, including a removing wand. That means you can cover up more area than you ever with standard brooms. It has Spin4pro premium brushroll for powerful carpet and hard floor dusting.

Apart from the brush roll and head, it comes with bonus tool packs. That includes 2-in-1 crevice and dusting equipment, powered stair/ upholstery tools. You can dust all kind of char, sofa, or any upholstery.

Besides, its swivel steering with low profile design turbo claws pet tool that works great on removing human hair and pet hair. So, a multi-working vacuuming machine for any house, especially with pets. It has lots of power and storage capacity that good for cleaning mid-size apartments at a time.

  • Excellent suction power for deep cleaning.
  • Low profile design and easy to store.
  • Extendable wand with detachable cleaning head.
  • 2-in-1 cervical and dusting tool for cleaning cracks.
  • Affordable price.
  • Long hair does tangle around the brush.
  • No option for speed control.

#5 BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium-Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum, Purple

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser

Are you looking for the best handheld vacuum cleaner for pet hair? If yes, here is BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser, which is a compact vacuum cleaner. It belongs to the handheld and cordless vacuum cleaner range. This vacuum is pretty sturdy. So, it is one of the best handheld cleaners, but if you like an upright vacuum, here is Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A for you.

The handles of the cleaner are designed in a way that you will be comfortable while using it. The cleaner is not only for pet hair cleaning, but also it can clean cars or any other place. Due to its lightweight nature, it is easier to carry. The weight of the cleaner is only 3.5 pounds. Since the cleaner is handheld, you can take it anywhere for cleaning.

This cleaner comes with two extra tools for making your cleaning easier. So, you can use these tools for multipurpose. The suction power is also great due to the use of twister cyclone technology installed. It is a cordless vacuum. So, you don’t have to worry about the length of the cords. You can use the cleaner in all types of floor areas.

You already know that it’s a cordless vacuum, so it runs on batteries, and the batteries only use 15.6-volt power. They are rechargeable. To charge the vacuum cleaner, you get a charging stand. But if you don’t feel too good about charging, you can use another BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser corded vacuum at a low price.

In the end, I would say that the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser vacuum is very reliable. It will do a deep cleaning of carpets and floors with pet hair and stain. So, you can clean anything with ease. Most pet owners would love this as it cleans all the pet litters.

  • The dust or dirt do not clog inside the cleaner.
  • A greater suction power can clean pet hairs.
  • No trouble with cords getting tangled.
  • You can clean the filters as they are washable.
  • The batteries can be recharged.
  • There should have been more extra tools.
  • The charge may not last longer.

#6 Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Compact C1

If you like canister type of vacuum, Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum will be perfect to have. Its a compact size lightweight vacuum machine with ultimate suction power. We picked this one because it is one of the best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors and carpets.

Compact C1 Canister Vacuum comes with a 1200 w Miele-Made Vortex motor. This motor has a great ability to increase energy instantly. As a result, you can switch to 1-6 at no speed quickly. The suction power of the vacuum can be adjusted by a rotary dial located on the vacuum.

Also, the suction power is excellent at picking up different kind of dust, dirt, and debris in no time. Special, you will love to see how the vacuum work on capturing pet far and hardwood floors. This vacuum consists of the Miele Airclean filter system with a dustbag. So, once you clean an area, there is no escaping of dust and dirt.

This machine has options to switch either a hard floor or a carpeted floor. A footswitch allows changing one mode to another. It works well on the low-pile carpet floor only. However, the metal soleplate and rubberized wheel work well on gliding back and forth.

Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum is a good home cleaner that offers excellent power and performance but quietly. Its an all-rounder to take care of your entire home. So, if you want to clean any pet hair on your carpet or hardwood floor, you can buy this one without hesitation.

  • Great suction power to clean all dust and pet hairs.
  • The retractable power cord is convenient.
  • Stainless steel-wand allow reaching corners easily.
  • Six variable speeds for cleaning any flooring.
  • Very quiet even after a long time operation.
  • A little bit pricey.

#7 iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot

iRobot Roomba 980

Last but not least. Do you want to get more upgraded vacuum cleaner for pet? iRobot Roomba 980 is one of the best robot vacuum for pet hair. It’s WiFi connected robot vacuum which good at cleaning rugs, carpet and cover multiple rooms at a time.

Firstly, It can automatically recharge, resume, and return into its home point depending on the work. When the battery is low, it will return to the charging point and goes to the point where it was. So, you don’t need to operate it. Comparison with other vacuums, it’s 10x more potent at cleaning the carpet, especially on cleaning pet far.

All you need this vacuum to press the clean or schedule the robot through the iRobot home app, and you just relax now. The iRobot Roomba 980 has an auto-adjust cleaning head, which can automatically adapt its height to keep the multi-surface brushes in close contact with the different floor surfaces. So, from hard to tiled floor and carpets all clean perfectly.

In addition, it has a unique iAdapt 2.0 navigation with visual localization. This feature helps to navigate the entire level of the room and keep track of its location. As a result, it can work on your whole house, including every corner of it. That’s why it is one of the best robot vacuum for pet hair.

The iRobot has advance dirt detect sensors that can recognize concentrate areas of soil like under the sofa, side of the bed, shelves, etc. Overall, it is a great advanced level of robotic vacuum cleaner for any modern house. If you can afford it, you should consider having this cleaner.

  • Great cleaner for pet hairs and dusts.
  • WiFi connectivity is better than remote control.
  • HEPA filtration for  allergen free dusting.
  • Easy to operate and clean any floors.
  • Take a tiny space for storage.
  • Costly product.

What Types of Vacuum is the Best for Pet Hair?

We have made an elaborate guideline and a list of some vacuum cleaners for pet hair. But there is a brief overview of some consideration next if you have an animal in your room. But the question is which types of vacuum cleaner is the best for pets? See details below:

Cylinder/Canister vacuum

These are large capacity blender with lots of dirt storage and power. They are kind of old school models and bulky for easy to move around but worth all the hassle. You will generally find 500 to 1800 watts of cylinder vacuums at low to the high price point.

If you have breed pets like Labradors, German shepherds, Golden retrievers, and Siberian Huskies, or cats you should have a cylinder or canister vacuums.

Upright vacuum

Upright vacuums are a convenient option due it has the necessary equipment altogether and you don’t need to carry hose, motor+canister part altogether. Make sure your upright vacuum has a flexible head, which can go smoothly under the furniture and other congested places.

Some upright vacuum has an extension upholstery tool or hose for better cleaning. The upright vacuum could be bagged or bagless. Some vacuums have a HEPA filter. Compare to the conventional filter; it has more power to trap allergen particles and don’t let escape the dust or anything in the air.  If your vacuum has a unique feature which also removes pet odor from the air, then this is the vacuum you need most.

Handheld vacuum

This vacuum is a portable and comfortable size vacuum to use anywhere anytime. This is easy to store and also carry. But handheld vacuums are less powerful than others. We will suggest you buy the best handheld pet vacuum if you have one pet only in the house or occasionally clean the pet hair in the home or anyplace. However, some best handheld vacuum for pet hair do offer extension hose, cleaning head, quality filter along with high suction power. But handheld vacuums have less dirt capacity.

Robotic vacuum

These are the modern version of vacuum which can all the cleaning work just by itself. These can clean a house automatically, including all the corners or hard to reach the point. These are small but very powerful. However, some might said these are not 100% successful at picking every piece of hair from the surface. This might true, but during our test, we find robotic vacuums positive at handling animal hair.

If you don’t want a hassle of the running vacuum by yourself and also less care about the budget, then robotic vacuums could be an option to consider.

Key Features to Pay Attention for Buying a Pet Vacuum

There are many benefits if you have a pet cleaner. They have so much to give a household. It does not matter whether you have a big house or a small one. The cleaners will give their best to keep your house clean. Let’s see how to select a vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet hairs.


The performance is based on the suction ability of the vacuum. The vacuum should have a suction power that will not harm the item of your house. At the same time, it will clean all types of pet hairs and stains without leaving a trace. Also, we use a vacuum not only for pet hair but also for carpet and floor cleanings like tile and hardwood floors. So, make sure that the vacuum can work on any surfaces and clean perfectly.


By the name of the vacuum cleaner, we have this image that they are heavy. But to clean pet hairs, the vacuum cleaner should be lightweight and compact design than any other cleaner in the market. Due to its lightweight nature, you can carry it anywhere. Your hands will not hurt if you carry for a longer time.

Great Suction Power

All the cleaners have excellent suction power. This is due to having a higher motor power. The vacuum cleaners will pull out or suck out any type of dirt. Say for, there is something stuck in your carpet. And it is sticking hard to the rug. These cleaners have the capability to clean the carpet without hampering it.

With all this, you can control the suction power of the cleaners. By maintaining the suction, you can avoid destroying any of your carpets or floors. If you have pets, then there will be dirt that will not be easy to clean. So, before buying a pet vacuum, you must see that suction power is reliable.

Long Cords

I already discussed what type of vacuum you should buy for pets. If you buy a cordless vacuum, then you don’t need to worry about cord length. But for the pet vacuum cleaners, it should offer 30 feet long cords. You may want to clean the whole house at one go. If the cord is long, then you can go from one room to another. Moreover, this will save time. If the cord is short, then cleaning might become difficult.

Greater Swivel Steering Ability

The swivel steering ability gives you the ease of usage. You do not have to push forward and backward. You can push it in any direction you want. The cleaners can rotate from 180 degrees to 360 degrees. So, you can move fast if it has the swivel steering ability. This depends on the type of vacuum cleaner you bought.

LED Lights

Most of the vacuums do not have an LED light. The pet vacuum should have LED lights. It helps to see dust particles in dark areas such as under the bed or sofa. If you can detect the dust, you will be able to clean without wasting time.

Makes No Or Less Noise

When we use a vacuum cleaner, there is a buzzing noise. The noise can be very loud. This may cause headaches. Also, you may have newborn babies at your house. The time you may get to clean your home is when they are asleep. So, if the vacuum cleaner continuously makes the loud buzzing noise, they may wake up. And you might have to stop cleaning. Also, any sort of loud noise is not suitable for our ears.

Gives Many Different Tools

Attachment is essential for any vacuum because of these extra tool help for better cleaning. Most of these cleaners come with a variety of tools. These tools are handy for removing any sort of stain or sticky stuff on your carpets, sofas, and floors. It smoothly cleans without damaging the item. Each tool has an important role in cleaning your house. And the manufacturer understands these needs.

Our Recommendation:

In the end, if you want to keep clean your home from any pet hair, then you need an excellent vacuum. The cleaning machine you are going to fix should able to trap all long or short pet hair. You can get handheld, canister, upright or robotic, but high suction power and the quality brush is must-have.

So, which is the best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors? Our editor’s choice is “Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner” as a cheap vacuum. Also, you can think to abut Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752) if you have a reasonable budget.

We choose these cleaners because of its a multipurpose vacuum cleaner primarily home with dogs, cats, rabbits, or any pet. However, you can pick any vacuums from our suggestions. But whatever you decide, consider what you need from the cleaners.

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