Vinyl floors are currently a popular choice for homeowners across the globe. They are durable, affordable, easy to maintain, and even have an outstanding visual appeal. Better still, they are moisture-resistant and can withstand the wrath of heavy foot traffic.

Unfortunately, the top polish that gives the floors a lustrous and luxurious flair is not as resistant. You must frequently blast away dust particles, grime, and pet hair to prevent them from scratching off the polish and turning your floors into an eyesore.

Are you searching for the best vacuum for vinyl plank floors? No worries, we have your back and have done the legwork for you. Take a peek at our well-researched and unbiased list of the best machines in the current market. Let’s get into it!

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Top 7 Best Vacuum for Vinyl Plank Floors

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the parades of vacuum cleaners for vinyl floors in the markets. Finding the best models that can give your flooring a sparkle without leaving any scratches is no easy feat. We took the time to access and assess a range of machines, and here are our top 7 picks.

#1 Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

best vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors

Let’s dive right in and review the Shark Navigator NV356E vacuum. This is a great model with strong suction that features a reliable filtration system. If your loved ones suffer from frequent allergy attacks or you are a pet parent, this is a machine we highly recommend.

Shark Navigator NV356E vacuum has a HEPA filter for effective cleaning and an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology that traps the impurities within the dirt canister and prevents them from leaking out. Obviously, it is convenient to have a multipurpose vacuum cleaner.

This machine is as versatile as it gets, thanks to its numerous attachments that include a dusting brush, pet power brush, and more. You can use it to clean not only your vinyl floors but also hardwood surfaces and carpeted areas. The brush roll shutoff feature makes it easy to switch from deep carpet cleaning to gentle bare floor cleaning.

I’m sure you are wondering what the lift-away feature has to offer, right? Well, it increases the versatility of the machine by allowing you to separate the canister from the rest of the vacuum. This simplifies cleaning those tight corners and the areas under your furniture.

Furthermore, the device comes with a 30-foot power cord. This means you can clean from wall to wall without having to change power outlets. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry the unit up a fleet of stairs. It weighs only 13.7 pounds. Also, Shark Navigator NV356E is one of the best cleaners for pet hairs and stains cleaning.

I absolutely love the fact that this is a bag-less vacuum. It comes with an innovatively designed dust cup that is easy to empty. Whether I’m sucking out spider webs from the garage ceiling or cleaning pet fur from my rugs, I have a blast watching the dust cup filling up. It emphasizes that my machine is working effectively.

  • Lift-away design for easy cleaning of tight corners.
  • It comes with a powerful suction for great cleaning.
  • Super lightweight and portable (13.7 pounds).
  • Ideal for cleaning vinyl, hardwood and carpeted floors.
  • A versatile machine with a range of attachments included.
  • HEPA technology ensures about 99.9% effective filtration.
  • The vacuum does not have the lights.

#2 BISSELL 1785A CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner


The Bissell brand is well-known for making top-quality household appliances, including vacuum cleaners. One of its best vacuums is the BISSELL 1785A CrossWave which is another best vacuum for vinyl floors. With this cleaner, you can clean any types of the floor like vinyl floors, hard floors, and carpet floors.

This is a power horse that does an impeccable job at washing and vacuuming vinyl floors. Because it is a multi-surface cleaning machine, and also come in handy when cleaning carpets, laminate floors, tiles, hardwood, rubber flooring, and more. This dual-action multi-surface cleaner has Nylon and Microfiber brush rolls that leave the surfaces sparkling clean.

Bucket and sponge mopping is so 2010. Currently, vacuums are infused with technology that allows them to do an excellent mopping job. Whether you are vacuuming or mopping your floors, you will appreciate the swivel steering that allows easy maneuvering for quick and efficient cleaning experience.

This is a state-of-the-art machine with smart touch controls. So, it is easy to operate, and you don’t need to refer to the manual to make the most of all the features. The controls are conveniently located on the handle, and you can switch attachments with ease.

There is also a control that delivers cleaning solution on demand. This machine dispenses just the perfect amount of detergent, depending on the type of surface you are cleaning. The innovatively designed dirt cup is easy to empty, and the brush rolls can clean themselves at the simple press of a button.

One of the significant bragging points of this unit is that it supports wet-dry vacuuming. It uses a two-tank technology that stores clean water separately from the dirty water. So, BISSELL 1785A CrossWave is an excellent cleaner for vinyl plank floors.

  • Designed for quick and impeccable vacuuming and mopping.
  • Ideal for multi-surface cleaning.
  • Conveniently placed smart touch controls.
  • The well-engineered machine allows swift navigation.
  • Its two tanks separate clean and dirty water.
  • This heavy-duty machine is somewhat noisy.

#3 iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum- Self-Charging

best robot vacuum for vinyl plank flooring

If you are interested in robot vacuums, iRobot Roomba is a brand you can trust. The Roomba 614 brags of a range of advanced features, yet it comes with an affordable price tag. This is an entry-level, no-frills model that is designed to make cleaning your home a breeze.

One of the features that stand out is the AeroVac technology that optimizes and streamlines the vacuuming process for enhanced cleaning efficiency. This technology integrates a three-stage process that ensures all sorts of dirt, debris, and impurities are vacuumed from your floors.

Because this unit is circular, the first cleaning process involves using a side-rotating brush. This brush rotates against the walls to release dirt, dust, and debris into the path of the vacuuming machine. The second cleaning process sets the two brushes at the center of the unit. They rotate in opposite directions to loosen up dirt particles on the floors for more efficient vacuuming.

And the third stage mainly involves sucking up the dirt and debris. You can depend on the powerful suction power of this unit to leave your flooring spotless. The AeroVac filter, on the other hand, is an advanced filtration system that prevents the vacuumed dirt from escaping back into the room.

For a completely hands-free cleaning experience, this machine has the iAdapt technology. These are just sensors that detect dirt, and you should not be puzzled if the vacuum passes through a specific spot several times. The zigzag movements allow the unit to explore and survey areas of a room that require more attention.

Thanks to the iAdapt Technology, this device maneuvers all around, even under furniture pieces. It even senses obstacles and avoids them. Better still, this technology helps in detecting level changes, so it is highly unlikely that your unit will fall down a fleet of stairs.

  • Powerful, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.
  • Affordable, compared to other equally advanced robot vacuums.
  • Cleans everywhere, wall to wall.
  • Reliable AeroVac filtration system.
  • iAdapt technology ensures efficient and accident-free cleaning.
  • The unit cannot navigate stairs.
  • No programmable scheduling, have to start the machine manually.

#4 BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless

handheld vacuum cleaner

A cordless handheld is not only the best way to clean quickly, but also easy to carry while cleaning. It’s hard to believe that the globally renowned BLACK+DECKER emerged from humble beginnings. If you want to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner, here is BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster.

Currently, it commands a grand following for its high-quality appliances. The BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L model is the best cordless vacuum for vinyl plank floors. It provides unbeatable suction and can even clean carpets and hardwood floors.

This is a machine we highly recommend if you need a powerful, cordless handheld vacuum. It uses lithium-ion batteries that can last for several months before they need charging. This will, of course, depend on the size of your home and how frequently you vacuuming your floors.

The cyclonic action is one of the best features of this machine. It spins dust, dirt, and debris away from the filter and prevents unwarranted clogging. In return, this helps in ensuring a uniform and strong suction power.

In case the battery runs out of juice, it will only take about 4 hours to get it fully charged. You can leave it charging because the smart-charge technology will protect the battery by auto-shutting once it is fully charged.

This is a lightweight device that weighs only 2.6 pounds. You can carry it on your back without breaking a sweat. Moreover, you can use it to clean spills as soon as they happen and protect your vinyl floors from staining. It is a bagless vacuum with a translucent dirt bowl that is easy to remove, empty, and clean.

  • Smart-charge technology.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to remove and clean dirt bowl and filters.
  • Excellent powerful suction.
  • Versatile machine ideal for cleaning multiple surfaces.
  • Crevice tool and a brush included.
  • The battery is durable but cannot be replaced, so once the battery dies the whole machine becomes useless.

#5 Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Purple

dyson vacuum

If you are searching for the best stick vacuum for vinyl plank floors, there are good reasons to consider this machine. It comes with a generous supply of accessories that enhance its versatility. Some of the accessories that come with the package include a crevice tool, a mini motorized tool, a combination tool, a dirt brush, a wand storage clip, a mini soft dusting brush, and more.

The included accessories allow you to tackle just about any vacuuming task. It is also worth mentioning that this model has a reliable suction power to deal with cat litter, sand, and clumps of dog fur with remarkable ease. Also, it has a powerful motor that spins up to 125,000 rpm generating about 185 Air Watts of suction.

Another game-changing advancement is the LCD display. Apart from giving the device a high-tech, cool factor, it provides easy control of various features. You can find a button for flipping through multiple power modes. Once you choose the power mode, the screen displays real-time readings of the battery time remaining. It also shows important information such as the location of a blockage and when the filter needs cleaning.

You can convert this machine into a handheld vacuum. This is a perk that enhances versatility because you can use the unit to clean your car or clear cobwebs around ceiling corners. Weighing only 6.68 pounds, you can easily carry the machine using one hand.

The dynamic load sensor makes cleaning different floor surfaces a breeze. When the unit is on auto mode, it automatically changes the power mode depending on the surface you are cleaning. For instance, it will shift to a higher power mode when you move from vinyl floors to carpeted flooring.

  • A versatile machine capable of tackling all cleaning jobs.
  • LCD display for easy control.
  • It has a very powerful suction.
  • Dynamic load sensor aids in maximizing battery life.
  • This machine can be converted into a handheld vacuum.
  • Lightweight and portable (about 6.7 pounds).
  • This is an advanced unit with a high price tag.

#6 Hoover T-Series UH70120 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover UH70120

If there is one thing Hoover vacuums have in common, it is their ability to provide excellent suction power. This is an important requirement that ensures a machine can consistently deliver top quality results. The T-series UH70120 has impressive suction power. Better still, it can deep clean different types of surfaces.

First of all, the 5 position height adjustments make this one of the most flexible vacuum cleaners in the current markets. You can pick dust, dirt, and debris from all corners and edges in a room. Additionally, you can clean upholstery or a fleet of stairs with remarkable ease.

Allergen and tiny dust and pollen particles can turn your life upside down, especially if you are prone to allergies. This machine has a HEPA media filter for a more advanced filtration process. The filter ensures better air quality by cleaning airborne contaminants.

Another superb feature is the no-scuff bumper on the cleaning nozzle. It protects furniture and your floors from getting scratched during the cleaning process. Moreover, this is a lightweight vacuum that allows easy maneuverability. It is a perfect pick for pet parents living in small apartments.

Lastly, there is a system check indicator that alerts you whenever the HEPA filter needs cleaning or replacement. These are washable filters, although you may have to replace them after a while. I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner for vinyl plank floors cleaning.

  • Bagless unit with easy to remove and clean dirt can.
  • Excellent filtration system (HEPA media filter).
  • Cleans edges and corners with ease.
  • Cleaning nozzle has a no-scuff bumper.
  • Allows 5 position height adjustments for cleaning.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Relatively small dirt cup.
  • No brush roll shutoff.

#7 Shark Flex DuoClean Ultra-Light Upright Corded Vacuum

best vacuum for vinyl floors

The Shark brand has a long line of products, and the Flex HV391 is the corded version of the popular Shark ION Flex cordless vacuum series. This model comes with the FLEX technology feature that allows the machine to fold and bend with ease. You can, therefore, reach under your furniture pieces to give your home an undeniable sparkle.

The DuoClean head is an outstanding feature that makes this machine as versatile as it can get. You can clean not only your vinyl flooring but also carpeted surfaces and hard floors. DuoClean combines a bristle brush and a soft roller bar, and the two of them counter-rotate to pull in dirt and debris for vacuuming.

Performance-wise, this machine is just as impressive as the Dyson V11 only difference is that it comes with a lower price tag. It does a reasonably decent job of cleaning both small and large particles of dirt. The best part is that unlike most stick vacuums, this one has LED headlights that make it super easy to track dust under furniture pieces.

I also like the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal that prevents allergens and dust from escaping the bin. This device has two filters that are strategically located before and after the motor to ensure dirt and debris are contained within the dirt cup.

For the price, you get a range of accessories that are designed to enhance your overall cleaning experience. The pet multi-tool is a mini turbo brush with stiff bristles that helps to remove pet hair from rugs and fabric upholstery.

There is also a crevice tool for easy cleaning of everything from keyboards and vents to cobwebs on ceilings. Additionally, the package comes with a Multi Flex wand that allows you to clean under furniture pieces with short legs.

  • Super lightweight and portable (9.8 pounds).
  • DuoClean technology ensures excellent cleaning results.
  • FLEX technology eliminates the need for excessive bending when cleaning.
  • Powerful suction & LED headlights..
  • An excellent HEPA filtration system.
  • Stick vacuum design for easy maneuvering.
  • The dust cup is small.
  • Has a heavy head, so cleaning high areas like the ceiling can strain your wrist.

What to Look for in a Vacuum for Vinyl Plank Floors?

The best vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors should make cleaning your floors a breeze. It is imperative to consider more than just your budget and personal preferences for you to find a machine that will make floor maintenance a walk in the park. Here are other vital aspects to take into account.

Suction Power

The suction power of a vacuum cleaner is perhaps the most crucial aspect to consider. Any machine that is worth buying will provide consistent, uniform, and steady suction. A suitable unit will also be powerful enough to suck up all sorts of particles and impurities from your vinyl floors.

Adjustable Suction Settings

Luxury vinyl planks are more visually appealing, although they happen to be less resistant to scratches. They require low suction settings to keep them in pristine condition.

On the other hand, solid vinyl planks are commonly installed in high traffic areas and happen to be more resistant to scratches. Hence, they demand high-powered suction settings.

A machine with adjustable suction settings allows you to tinker with the power mode of your vacuum, depending on the tasks at hand.


Even though most machines have wheels and transporting them is not a hassle, you may want to consider the bulkiness of a unit if you have stairways in your home.

In this case, an overly heavy device may pose challenges as you move around cleaning your house. The best wheels are made of rubber, and they do not leave unsightly scratches on the flooring.

No-Scuff Bumper

Unfortunately, not all vacuums come with sturdy bumpers. A model with a no-scuff bumper helps to ensure you do not damage or scratch your baseboards or wooden furniture as you clean your floors. This bumper also protects surfaces from marks and scratches when you pass through them with your vacuum.

To get it right, ensure that the bumper on a machine is well padded. It should also be made with a resilient and robust material.


Technology has advanced tremendously over the years, and it is no longer crucial to invest in different vacuums for different cleaning jobs. It is possible to use the same machine to clean carpeted stairs, upholstery, and more.

Versatile tools come with extra accessories such as motorized brush heads for carpet cleaning and extension wands for easy above wall cleaning.

Corded Vs. Cordless Vacuum

Whether to choose a corded or cordless machine will highly depend on your needs and preferences. In case you want a corded unit, ensure that the cord length will allow you to clean a reasonable space before you have to plug into a different power outlet. Ideally, the cord should not be less than 25 feet.

Cordless vacuums are mainly ideal for cleaning large rooms. In this case, you do not have to worry about not having a power outlet close to areas you want to clean. It will, however, be necessary to ensure that the battery is powerful enough to allow uninterrupted cleaning for about 30 minutes.

Consider buying additional batteries for your cordless machine so that you can use one battery when the other one is charging.


It is hard to find a vacuum that supports entirely noise-free operations. However, recent technology has made it possible to create machines that produce minimal noise. In short, an ideal unit will make it unnecessary to protect your ears when cleaning your floors. Beware of overly noisy vacuums.

HEPA Filter

If you suffer from allergies and asthma attacks, choosing a vacuum with a HEPA filtration system is of paramount importance. Such units have multi-stage filtration mechanisms that capture all sorts of impurities, including pollen, and ensure they are not released back into the air.

Tips on How to Maintain Vinyl Plank Floors

Vinyl floors require minimal maintenance, and a little caution goes a long way in ensuring your surfaces remain as good as new for years. The first thing you must understand is that while the planks are resilient and robust, the top polish is not.

It is essential to protect the top gloss from marks, scratches, and other forms of damage. But if you have grout problem, you can use any steamer cleaner for cleaning grout. Here are a few maintenance tips to commit to memory.

  • Don’t drag furniture on the floors. This will tear and damage the lustrous topcoat.
  • Vacuum and steam mop your floors regularly. Even fine sand particles can leave your flooring with scratches, especially around areas with heavy foot traffic.
  • Clean up messes as soon as they happen. Even though vinyl is moisture resistant, spills that are overlooked for long could leave your flooring with ugly stains.
  • Get your floors re-polished. Even well-maintained vinyl planks will, at some point, begin to fade and lose their luster. If this happens, you need to get them polished to revive their appearance. It is also good practice to use a seam sealer to repair torn areas before a concern gets out of hand.

Final Words

Do you want to keep your vinyl floors more shine? There are many types of cleaners in the market that can be used to clean any floors as vinyl plank floors. By now, finding the best vacuum for vinyl plank floors should be a piece of cake.

So, we have highlighted the top 7 models that vary in design, features, and cost. You also know what to look for in the best machine for cleaning vinyl floors. We hope that our recommendations come in handy.

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