To maintain your ceramic tile floor properly, you should know the best way to clean ceramic tile floors. You can maintain your ceramic tile floor easily. If you take proper care of your floor, it will look new and make your home gorgeous.

To maintain the tile floor, some techniques can make your cleaning work easier and appropriate. But over cleaning is not good for your tiles. From this article, you will be able to know the cleaning of tile floor step by step.

Best way to clean ceramic tile floor:

You can apply two types of cleaning for your ceramic tiles floor. Let’s see the best way to clean ceramic tile floors step by step below:

Regular cleaning:

Do not let your ceramic tile to get dirty. If you do not use a chemical to clean your floor, you need to clean it regularly. Or you may not want to spend so much time to clean heavy dirt from your floor. So, it is better to clean the tile floor. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Sweep or vacuum your ceramic floor daily

At first, sweep or vacuum your ceramic tile floor to remove the loosened dirt. Do not use a straw broom. It is better to use a vacuum or a dust mop.

2. Mop your ceramic floor with warm water weekly

If you mop your ceramic tile floor with some warm water, your floor will keep shiny and new for many days.

3. Dry your floor at right way after damp cleaning

If you do not dry your floor quickly, new dust will set quickly in the wet areas. So, try to dry your ceramic floor as soon as possible.

4. Put a doormat

It is a better step to keep a doormat outside and inside your door. It prevents mud or water on the floor. This step is more effective during the rainy season.

how to clean ceramic tile floors

Deep cleaning of ceramic floor:

When your floor gets more dirt, you need a deep cleaning of your floor. You can try a stronger solution. It can easily remove the stubborn dirt and stains. Now see the process.

1. Use the water-vinegar mixture

Take half a cup of the white vinegar and mix it with a gallon of water. Vinegar will work as a grease remover. It is better for the kitchen. Besides, you can use half a cup of rubbing alcohol.

2. Use scouring powder and warm water to remove spot

At first, spread this solution with a soft and clean cloth on the dirt area. Let it on the floor for five minutes. Then scrub the floor with a soft brush and clean it with warm water. You can repeat this process until the area becomes clean.

However, always use pH-neutral cleansers to clean your ceramic tile floor. For example, you can use baking soda or soft dishwasher.

Cleaning process of Grout:

Cleaning the tile grout is also important. Your bright grout makes your ceramic tile floor more clean. Before using a commercial cleanser, try to clean the grout with baking soda and water mixture. Follow the steps:

  • At first, saturate the dirty grout with baking soda and water paste.
  • Keep it for a few minutes to let the mixture sit. The time depends on how much the grout is dirty.
  • Now scrub the dirty grout with a toothbrush.
  • Wash the grout with warm water.
  • If you see that the grout looks less bright, you can use a non-toxic cleaner such as oxygen bleach. Before using it, see the instruction of this product carefully and then mix it with water. Use it on the grout and finally wash the grout with warm water.

Cleaning process of glazed floors:

The best way to clean ceramic tile floors which are glazed is not to use vinegar. Acidic elements etch the soft glazed tile. Vinegar-water mixture is one of the old methods of cleaning the surface of the tile after installing it.

It is better to clean a ceramic tile floor with a scrub brush on a long handle so that you need to use your hand on it. This method can clean the textured surface and also the grout properly. Besides, you can purchase a neutral based cleaner and use it with water. Some of them rinsing, but some need not. After that, you can use a vacuum to pick up the unclean water. This process is very important because most of the people leave this dirty water to dry on the floor. It can turn your gray tile look over time.

To clean the spot, you can use a spray cleaner. Besides, you can apply the penetrating sealer for the tile to clean your floor. Apply the sealer with a tint cloth and keep it for 10 minutes. Then remove the sealer with another dry cloth. It is better to apply the sealer every six months.

Things to avoid

  • Always try to avoid steel wool or scouring powder. These things can make a scratch on your ceramic tile. However, it will look dull.
  • Avoid all kinds of bleaching because bleach like ammonia can discolor the grout if you use it too often.
  • Avoid oil-based cleansers on your ceramic tile floor.
  • Moreover, do not wax your ceramic tile floor.


  • When you use a product for your tile areas, protect the surrounding surfaces which are non-tiled because a tile cleaning product can affect glass, wood, and metals.
  • Always choose proper ceramic tile and maintenance products to enhance the beauty of your floor.
  • A shading is better for a glazed tile. So, before installation of the tile, check the shade rating.

Finally, we can say that choosing the best way to clean ceramic tile floors is really an important factor to maintain the floor. Proper cleaning is necessary to keep your tile floor a long-lasting and new look. The cleaning process differs from the types of tiles.

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