If you have a beautiful house decorated with porcelain tiles, you must know how to clean porcelain tile floors. Because cleaning is a must for a healthy and safe living. Porcelain tiles are very attractive with smooth finishing. It is a resilient type of tile and strong for endurance. It has a great finishing and can take a huge pressure. Porcelain is preferable mostly for its amazing real-like design and color formation. The wood-like, rainbow-like, brick-like designs prove this statement largely. Other designs are also attractive to the users.

Porcelain tile is actually a ceramic material made with some resistible elements. Mainly Feldspar and sand make it more dense and strong. It also helps absorb the extra moisture from its surface. For this, it can protect from strain to a large extent. As floor decorator, porcelain tiles are very much suitable and easy to keep clean. But, its proper care is also important.

How to clean porcelain tiles floors?

There is a variety of porcelain tiles. Main types are unpolished porcelain, polished porcelain, and textured porcelain. For these different qualities, the washing processes also vary. Some processes according to the types are delineated:

how to clean tile floors

1. The cleaning process of unpolished porcelain tile

Unpolished tiles of porcelain are also called as unglazed tiles. To clean a tile floor, you should follow a system for careful cleaning. You can follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, evacuate the area you want to clean. Sweep the place and make it free from dust or any dirt. Before getting it wet for cleaning, dry cleaning is necessary.
  • Start cleaning the surface by dividing it into some parts. It will make the cleaning more effective.
  • Now, mix water and vinegar together in a pot. Spread it throughout the floor. Make sure that the whole floor gets soaked properly.
  • You can also take a well-known or popular cleanser for doing the same. Soak the floor properly and make sure the mixture or cleanser reaches every corner.
  • Keep the floor with the cleanser for about 5 to 10 or 12 minutes. Be careful, the floor should not be dry in the meantime.
  • Then, scrub the stains from the porcelain tiles or floors with little brush that has soft bristles. You can also use other soft materials that can scrub well and do not leave any scratch.
  • After that, wipe the dirt out from the floor. And, clean the floor again with fresh and hot water.
  • Finally, wipe the tile with a clean towel or soft cloth.

Follow the above process and will get rid of the dirt and stains of your porcelain tile floor.

2. The cleaning process of the polished porcelain tile

Polished porcelain tiles are also known as glazed tiles. If you are worried about cleaning polished porcelain tile floor, do not worry. Follow the following ways and you will know how to clean porcelain tile floors:

  • At first, clear the floor area you want to make clean. Try to remove the dirt with a dry and dust mop.
  • Now, take a cleaning mop that is wet in hot water. Clean the floor using that mop. Do not let the dirt pool on your porcelain tile.
  • If you find any heavier soil on the tile floor, remove them using a soft tooth-brush or a brush with nylon made bristles.
  • Make a mixture of water and vinegar to remove the stains from the tiles. You can also use any trusted cleanser for this stain cleaning.
  • Then, mop the tile floor with that mixture or cleanser. You need to mop those areas again before the floor is dried or free from the cleanser.
  • Finally, make the floor surface dry using a dry cloth or towel. Clean carefully that no water spot remains on the floor.
  • You can make the porcelain floor shinier by buffing it with cheesecloth.

Follow the instructions and get a shiny and germ-free clean porcelain floor.

how to clean porcelain tile floors

3. The cleaning process of the Textured porcelain tile

The cleaning of a textured porcelain floor requires some steps to do properly. Do the followings and no need to worry at all:

  • Before cleaning a textured porcelain, clean the floor area by sweeping it twice. First, sweep to the tile direction and next do that to the diagonal direction.
  • Remove the dirt by evacuating the floor.
  • Now, make a water-vinegar mixture for cleaning this type of tile too. Saturate the whole floor with it now. Let the floor soak for more than 5 minutes till around 10 minutes.
  • Then, take a brush with soft bristles. Rub the floor a couple of time in the two directions mentioned above.
  • Here, you further have to wet the floor with hot water. Clean the dirt from the floor using this water until you can remove the cleaning materials.
  • After that, you can clean the floor taking a damped mop.
  • At last, make the floor dry with a clean towel or cloth.

These steps will make your textured tiles of porcelain totally clean for sure.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind

There are a number of companies that produce porcelain tiles. You have to choose the products carefully. You just should be catchy before selecting a type of porcelain tile. For knowing how to clean porcelain tile floors without streaks, keep the below points in mind always:

  • Avoid using a product containing ammonia, bleach or any kind of acid. These contents in a cleanser can damage the color and the surface smoothness.
  • Oil-based components are also harmful to porcelain tiles. Wax cleaners are another type of this.
  • You should never use colored cleanser on unglazed or unpolished tiles.
  • Avoid using steel or woolen clothes to clean the porcelain tiles. The smaller particles of steel harm the smooth surface and cause stains after a few times.
  • Be aware of the brush you are using. Make sure they do not contain hard bristles or scrubbers. It will also create scratches on tiles.

Final Words

The use of porcelain tiles is widespread. It is very much useful for attractive looks as well as cleaning facility. Different types of tiles require care according to their quality. Just learn well how to clean porcelain tile floors. The cleaning task will be very easy and time-saving for you. So, make the best use of porcelain tiles on your floor.

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