There is a higher rate of damaging your tiles if you use a steam mop on tiles in the wrong ways. People like to use a steam mop on the wood floors, tiles, and vinyl floors to keep cleaning. So, we’ll need to know how to use a steam mop on tiles without damaging the tiles or any other floors but also disinfecting the tiles safely.

There are many ways to clean your tile floors. To disinfect the floor, there is no other best alternative without steam mopping or vacuuming. However, steam mopping releases warm air and using it for a longer period may damage the tiles badly.

Though you’ve got the best steam mop in your home, still there’s a risk. You can only get both benefits of clean and long-lasting tiles when you know the legit ways and right steps to use a steam mop.

How to use a steam mop on tiles Effectively?

Steam mopping is the most effective and convenient way to clean the tiles. But the best thing is that steaming works on any types of floor. You’ll see many types of mop cleaners that steam very finely but you need some advanced preparation as well as.

Things You Need:

  • A broom that can be made from any kind of material.
  • Vacuum cleaner.
  • Some mop pads.
  • A steam cleaning machine.

Step by Step Guide for Tiles Cleaning Using Steam Mop:

The main functionality of a steam mop is to heat the water and transfer the steam down to a mop pad and which helps to clean the floor. You can’t directly steam on the surface. There is a couple of steps to follow before you start your steaming.

how to use a steam mop for tiles cleaning

Preparing The Floor:

The first step is to make the floor ready for steaming. How to do it? Well, this is easier to do. Likewise, you use a broom on the floor to clean dirt and debris. You can even directly use a vacuum if your vacuum cleaner can clean at an advanced level; otherwise, the normal broom is also worthy to sweep dirt from the surface.

This is how you can make your floors ready for steam mopping. If you steam on a dirty floor, the steam mops get dirtier, and the disinfecting result won’t be as much satisfying as you want. However, you can use the broom or vacuum on the tile floors before you get started with the steaming part. This is going to make your

And this ensures you get a long lifespan for the steam mop. Because when steam mop gets a clean surface, it doesn’t have to work harder to steam. So, it feels easy and less pressure while steaming. You can even get a steam mop with dual functionalities. Some manufacturers offer steam mop with vacuum flexibility. So, you can use one tool for both purposes.

Therefore, it’s better to broom or vacuum the tile floors before steaming mop. It assures you the best steaming on the floor, and the floors get extra shine. If there is the grout in your home, you may use a special steam cleaner for grout. This steam cleaner is only made for cleaning grout quickly.

Steam Mops Are Only Made To Maintain:

Do you think the steam mop is to clean the tile floors? You’re damn wrong! A steaming mop is only can be used to keep your floors disinfect and safe from germs. There is no such evidence that the steam mop cleans the floors or tiles.

If your floor surface is soiled or oiled, then you must clean the surface first. Otherwise, you would end up being in a disaster situation where the floor won’t be cleaned either disinfect. So, you won’t get the result even close to your requirements.

Whenever you want your steam mop to work better and the best in its range, you must make your floor go through a cleaning term. Steam can only work better when the floor is already polished with a vacuum or broom.

That’s why you can clean the home as usual as you do regularly. And then you can only enjoy the best steam effect performance overall.

Get yourself more mop pads:

You must get somehow an unlimited pad in your storage. Thus, you can steam the home with more pads. Using more pads during the steam means you get cleaner, dirt-free rooms.

When your home is big enough with multiple rooms, change the mop for every particular room. This step will keep your rooms very fresh and clean. Another method that you can do is to double steam the floor to get the cleanest floor. You’ve to steam the floor using one mop and use another new mop to steam again. This is how you can mop the floor twice by changing the mops repeatedly.

do steam mops damage tile floors

Useful Tips On Using A Steam Mop:

You can get hanged in the middle of steaming if you don’t know how to clean your floor with a steam mop.

  • As we know, steam mop runs with water to create steam. If you want to mix any kind of mixture, then you must have to be careful. Sometimes, the steam can be malfunctioned due to the chemical reaction if there are any toxic or harsh components.
  • Many users often get into a dilemma to decide how many times to go through steaming in a week. It depends on many factors, like how much dirt is your home. If the home gets dirty shortly, then you must frequently steam the floor. Otherwise, you can only steam for once a week.
  • You can even mop on a carpet. There are many multi-functional steam cleaners available on the market which come with a special feature of steaming on the carpet too. Carpets are the sole thing in the home that needs to be steamed often. It gets dirty easily and can cause many discomforts and allergies problem.
  • If you don’t know what kind of floors you can mop with steam, then you should be notified that steaming can handle every type of floors. There are a few steam mops which are perfect for laminate or linoleum floors but works on other floors including tiles, ceramic, and hardwood.

Do steam mops damage tile floors?

Every steam mop comes with a tagline that can be used on any part of the home. But that’s not the real scenario. A steam mop is never safe to use everywhere of your home. Since, it releases hot steam that can damage the floors made of wood, ceramic, and carpet if you hold the steam for a long time.

So, the prior recommendation is the floor must be sealed. If the floor is sealed, you can do as much as steam you want.

You can make a small test to check whether the floor is sealed or not. Just drop a very little amount of water into the floor. If the water gets absorbed after a while, the floor is safely sealed for steaming.


To keep your children safe from the germs and bacteria, your floor must be sanitized. A steam mop is the best thing that can keep your baby away from any germs or bacteria interaction. It’s been mostly seen that babies are prone to get stomach and skin issues due to the cleaning issues. So, you can say “Good-Bye” to the germs from your floors and offer your child a healthy life.

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