One of the handiest and excellent tools is a steam mop for cleaning the home. It’s a reliable time-saving tool that saves your time and effort too. But some of us can’t decide to buy steam. As they don’t know how to use a steam mop for cleaning.

You should take some preparation that will save you time and offer you an efficient experience. Since the steam mops are available in different types, sizes, and styles. You need to work with them differently too.

How To Use A Steam Mop Perfectly:

Steaming is always a good way to keep your home hygienic. You need to follow a routine for steaming. Otherwise, it will be no longer effective to protect your home from bacteria and germs.

Things That You Need:

  • Broom
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Steam Mop
  • Extra mop pads

how to use a steam mop

Sweep or Vacuum The Floor:

Steaming over a dirty floor is a very bad idea. You should remove the debris whenever you’re going to use steam. So, you can broom over the floors and ensure there is no debris left on the floor.

If you don’t want to broom, you can vacuum the floors. Vacuum suck all the lint, debris, dust, and every dirt your floor owns.

If you steam over a dirty surface, it can make the mop pads dirty and decrease the lifespan. Who does want to spend money on numbers of mop pads? Well, we can steam without scratching our economy at a massive level.

Vacuuming is better than to broom the floor. The vacuum has a powerful suction efficiency to suck away all the debris. So, your floor becomes smoother and ready for steaming.

Else, you can get steam along with the vacuum functionality. You need to spend a little bit more for the dual-function. But dual features bring you the flexibility of cleaning the home without facing any inconvenience. However, you can even only use the vacuum when you need or steam depending on your cleaning requirement.

The fact is when you vacuum or broom your floor before the steaming, you get the perfect environment for steaming. If the steam pads are cleaner and stay cleaner throughout the steam, you get a clean and hassle-free performance.

Keep Extra Pads:

Sometimes a pad is enough for the whole cleaning task when the floors don’t contain any debris to spoil it. If there is heavy dirt on the floor that may lead the pads to dirtier soon. That’s when you need to change the pads and attach another clean one.

Sometimes, space can make an effect too. While you’re dealing with a larger space to steam, a single mop pad won’t be enough. You’ll need several pads for completing the steaming.

There are many mop pads available from manufacturers who offer reusable pads. Though pads are not overpriced but cheap to buy. So, you can order some extra pads to complete the whole steaming session at once.

You can wash the pads, put on dry, and use them again for another session. The case is that you would need multiple pads to make your cleaning task easier, fluent, and faster.

how to use a mop for cleaning

Is The Floor Ready?

It’s not that you can start steaming over any surface or floor. You must check out the condition of the floor. Steaming isn’t ideal for any kinds of floors cleaning.

It is eligible for only sealed floors. Floors that are not sealed can be damaged by steam. You should never leave your steam unattended while it’s plugged in. The air can rotate in between the floor and pad. Thus, you can end up getting a spoiled floor surface or pad.

You should always make sure if the steam can go over the floors you own. Most of the steam cleaners can handle floors made from ceramic tiles, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood. Whenever you’re going to get steam, consult with the manufacturer about the warning criteria.

Since the steam is a heat with air that causes damage to the layer of many elements. So, you can’t take a risk with the thousands of flooring investment. Tiles can lose its texture, as well as the wood, lose their color pigmentation after a couple of steam sessions.

If your floor is made from softwood, steam may weaken the surface and lead to massive damage. But tightly sealed floor wood can endure a limited steam mop unless it doesn’t go beyond the level. You can check out the wood sealed protection by yourself. All you need to do is to sprinkle some water on the wood floor and wait for 10-15 minutes. If the water is absorbed in the floor, then it’s not a properly locked wood floor and not perfect for the steaming.

Always Steam Clean Floors:

There is no point of steaming a dirty floor. It won’t help to make the floors clean as you want. You need to try multiple steaming sessions for a dirty floor. So, it will cause you to give more time and effort for the cleaning. Else, the pads get dirtier soon than the recommendation period and you have to replace them frequently.

So, make sure the floors are clean enough to go through steam.

Keep The Pads Clean:

While you’ve got the clean surface, move to the cleanliness of the pads. You should never start to steam your floor with a dirty pad. Else, whenever you see the pads have become dirty, change it immediately with a new one.

Final Words:

Steaming is never a hard task. But you have to follow some tips and tricks to make the outcome excellent and handy. I hope, you know how to use a steam mop for cleaning perfectly. Now, you can follow the above-described steam cleaning and get the best result!

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