Some simple replacement vacuum parts can be done in a home just with basic knowledge of electrical machines. It will save your time and money and hassle of repairing center. You can simply replace some important parts of a vacuum cleaner like a belt, exhaust filter, suction motor, etc by following some simple procedure. It’s better to use genuine vacuum attachment parts which will assure you compatibility and longevity in the future.

Replacement Vacuum Parts: Easy Ways

After using a vacuum cleaner for a few years (some cases in months), the suction motor or belt can be damaged or broken and make your cleaner completely deed. These are a very crucial part of a vacuum so you need to replace them immediately. The replacement process of these things can be done in your home with some usual tools wile screwdriver, pliers, etc.

Here we are going to explain all the procedures of shark vacuum replacement parts. Lets’ start with the vacuum suction motor.

Replacement of a Vacuum Suction Motor

The replacement of the suction motor of a vacuum cleaner will be like this,

Step 1: Remove the exhaust filter & canopy hood

For removing the exhausted filter first pull the release tab on its cover and lift it. Now remove the exhausted filter. There is a plastic release tab on the canister. Pull it on front and lift the canopy hood. Now simply remove it from the canister.

Step 2: Remove the motor

Before removing the motor, you need to get rid of the motor cover. So, take away the screws of your motor cover and then carefully pick up the suction motor from the canister. Don’t forget to remove the foam padding that covers the motor also. The motor is connected with some wires.

Before removing them write down the location or draw a picture of the wires so you can easily reconnect them in the right point with the new suction motor. Besides you can take a photo on your phone. It will be a lot easier to reconnect with them.

Step 3: Install the new motor

Take out the new motor of the packaging and wrap it with foam padding just like before. Now place it again in the canister and attach the wires.

Step 4: Reinstall the motor cover, canister hood & exhaust filter

Reinstall the motor cover, insert the screws and tighten firmly. Snap the hood into place on the canister. After installing a new motor attach the motor cover by inserting screws tightly. Add the hood on the canister and reinstall the exhausted filter on its housing. Now, finally, snap the filter cover into the canister.

How to Replacement Vacuum Parts

Procedure of Belt Replacement

The replacement of the belt of a vacuum cleaner will be like this,

Step 1: Access the Vacuum Belt and Brushroll Area

The belt replacement procedure may vary a little mode to model. So you should check the steps of your brand or model of the vacuum cleaner first before going to replace its belt. Here we are going to follow the simple and most universal procedure of belt replacement. Have a look below.

Step 2: remove the bottom plate

Remove the bottom plate brush roll area of your vacuum cleaner by unscrewing the screw.

Step 3: Remove the Brushroller and the Old Belt

Now it’s time to removing the broken belt. But before that take a good look at the setting or placement of the belt and other things. You can take a picture of the settings as well. Before removing the belt pull the brush roll from the vacuum and slide it out of the belt loop. Most of the time vacuum belts are held between the motor shaft and brush roller.  So after removing it from the brush roll, you have to remove another end from the motor shaft carefully.

Step 4: Install the New Vacuum Belt

If your old vacuum belt is round or flat vacuum belt type, then you have to need a similar one for the vacuum. You can also use the v-belt or geared belts but they don’t stretch much like the flat and round belts. Due to a long attachment with the motor shaft and brush roller, the motor belt needs to stretch as much as possible. So, use the round or flat one.

For that slide the flat or round belt around the motor shaft and then the brush roller from one end to another.

Step 5: Return the bottom plate

After done with install a new belt now returns the bottom plate of the brush roll are and adds the screw securely. If all the replacement is done correctly, your vacuum belt should last for years.

shark vacuum replacement parts

Some safety tips

Follow some safety tips which help you to take better care of your vacuum cleaner when you need to replacements vacuum parts.

  • Before going to any replacement vacuum part, don’t forget to unplug the vacuum cleaner. If the replacing need right after the motor burns out or the belt is broken, then leave the vacuum for cool down a bit.
  • Take a dry brush and clean the dirt on the particular part or canisters which are hard to clean without opening the cover. it will help the inner part work well which may have clogged of about clog by dirt.
  • Always wear safety gloves before touching any part of electrical goods. It will save you from any accident like shock, cut or burn.
  • Never open a vacuum cleaner in dump room or wet surface. Water could damage any electric appliances easily.


You can find many spare parts for replacement both online or local shops. It’s wise to buy replacement vacuum parts from the website or shop of the particular brand of your vacuum cleaner. Infect many websites provide genuine parts of vacuums cleaner form the manufactures by given pre-order.

However, if your vacuum cleaner is no longer working like before or giving trouble with cleaning even after parts replacement, connect with the servicing center immediately. It could be the fault of wrong replacement vacuum parts of any other major problem inside the vacuum cleaner.

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