Shark and Dyson are currently the top vacuum brand in the US and many parts of the world. But recent studies say Shark is now few steps ahead than Dyson. Also, Shark has Navigator, Rotator, Rocket series of an upright vacuum with so many high-end features. So, In this article, we are going to discuss Shark Navigator vs Rotator vacuum.

The reason to choose this two vacuums, because these are a very durable and powerful mid-range vacuum for daily usage. Any homeowner who need a vacuum cleaner for cleaning multiple floors, they will love to have one of these cleaners. Let’s see the comparison between these two vacuums.

Shark Navigator vs Rotator:

Both vacuums are popular, but there is some difference between theme. So, if you confused to select one of these vacuums, you should know their design and build quality, features, cleaning performance, accessories etc. Before starting, let’s know about these two vacuum.

#1 Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E Vacuum

shark rotator vs shark navigator

One of the best vacuum is Shark navigator lift-away professionals. It’s a great, well designed and mid rage product that most people can effort. So, in this comparison, we will share some top-level features of this Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro (NV356E). See here

  • 2-in-1 vacuum: This model and other navigator are usable as an upright and lift-away cleaner. So one side you can clean under the furniture, room corner without bending. Another side you can clean upholstery, sofa corners, cushion and other items with the hand-held vacuum.
  • Lightweight: The navigator vacuum is a very light compared to the Rotator. The Shark-Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E) is 13.7 lbs., and some other models are even 9.5 lbs. These are bag less and hassle-free to clean.
  • Anti-Allergen: The Navigators includes HEPA filtration that makes sure to trap 99.9% dust particles including, pollen, allergens, etc. so it not only clean an area but also, help a bit to clean the room air.
  • Never-lose suction power: Like other high-end vacuums, this has Never Lose suction power technology. Also, its powerful suction suck up all kind of dirt, fur, fiber any small- to large dirt particles from any floors.
  • Usability: Shark navigator is ideal for bare floors like hardwood and tiles floors. You can use it for carpeted floor and stars also.
  • Warranty: Comes with 5 years of official warranty.

#2 Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum (NV501)

compare shark rotator vs navigator

Shark Rotator has also a large variety of feature that makes your cleaning experience a lot easier. On the base of the top vacuum, the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501) features,

  • Swivel steering technology: Thanks to its swivel steering technology clean bare or carpeted floors are most easy than ever. Additionally, on lift-away mode, you can clean the other surface like stairs, around the furniture, upholstery and other hard to reach places.
  • Lightweight: The Rotator are weighs more or less 15.5 lbs. This weight is excellent for light, swipe and carries by single-handled.
  • Maneuver cleaner: The crevice tool of the Rotator make it more versatile. Also, the giant dust storing capacity save your time and energy to emptying the cup again and again. The Rotator has 9.5 Inches cleaning path, which pretty wide to clean an area. Also, it contains LED lights to cleanse at dark or low light.
  • HEPA filtration with complete seal technology: The vacuums also features HEPA filtration with anti-allergen complete seal technology. If you have people with asthma or allergy problem; you should pick up space.
  • Pet hair tool: Their vacuum also features premium pet power brush for collecting pet fur and human hair. This tool is absent in the Navigator.

Shark Rotator vs Navigator: Comparison

A vacuum has come complicated science behind its work. And the more advanced level of vacuums contains much more things that work for A to Z dusting of a house. We won’t go there. We break down what the Shark Navigator and Rotator are offering to its consumers.

Shark Navigator vs Rotator

Features & Specifications

In Shark Rotator vs Navigator, two vacuums have many things in common. Both have a removable canister, handheld option, brush-roll, cervical tools, etc. they come under 200-300 dollars, and as per full-size vacuum the price is reasonable. The best features of these vacuums are the HEPA filter. It’s a unique filtration system that removes mold, pollen, and pet dander and allergen particles along with other dust particles. Both vacuums have a washable filter, and they are bagless.

Here is a table for specification of these vacuums

Name Height Wide Depth Weight
Navigator 45” 12” 15” 13.7 lbs.
Rotator 45.7” 12” 12” 15.5 lbs.

Design for Best Effort

The exterior of this two vacuum is pretty similar. The Navigator vs. rotator is both full-size upright vacuum with cord wrap, transparent dust bin full cleaning heads and other accessories. You can use them as handheld vacuum two.  Both vacuums make with high-quality materials, with the sturdy wand. They give you firm and comfortable feel while using.

The shark navigator is 13.7 lbs as an upright vacuum. The handheld vacuum is only 8 lbs. Another hand the Rotator is little heavy- 15.5 lbs. And the handheld-canister is 8.4 lbs. So, if you need a lightweight vacuum for elderly, Navigator will a good choice.

Technology that Used

Shark vacuums are efficient at different types of cleaning dusting. It has an advanced filtration system along with hassle-free bin emptying. However, recently Shark launches a “Zero-M” series that has an innovative technology inside the cleaning head. The head prevents fur, hair or fiber from wrapping around the brush roll. So, when you use this series of vacuum, you don’t need to cut the hair wraps with sessions.

Models like Navigator Lift-Away, Rotator and Rocket Ultra-Light, etc. are very light, decently powered (500 watts), and effective on different kinds of cleaning; such as sofa, mattress, rugs, upholstery, and other furniture.

Cleaning Capacity

Both vacuums are suitable to clean hard floor, carpet floor efficiently. For cleaning job, these cleaners have a brush roll, suction, and separate cleaning heads. The brush roll agitates dirt and debris from deep carpet fiber, and the strong suction energy force the dirt’s come up into the bin. For wooden and tile floor both cleaners have hard surface cleaning head.

These vacuums come with one brush roll cleaning head and a hard floor cleaning head. However, a different model of Shark Navigator and Rotator has different cleaning heads. Like the Shark Navigator Pro NV356E sleek matching white head. It comes with high-quality micro-fiber cleaning head wrap for carpet cleaning.

The Shark Rotator Pro NV501 has hard floor cleaning head for hard floors only. Unfortunately, the color of the cleaning head does not match with the body.

Power and Cord Length

This two cleaners has 1200 watts of the motor. They are like sweeper vacs, very light and good for hard-floor cleaning. Additionally, the Rotator and Navigator have 30” power cord which good for an excellent area to coverage. There is one feature that Rotator has, but Navigator does not, and it is headlights. The Rotator has lights on the head which help you to see well especially under furniture.

Attachments and Accessories

The Shark Navigator and Rotator include the following accessories, We made comparison table looking deeply in the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro (NV356E) and the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Pro (NV501)


Navigator Rotator
Hard Floor Cleaning Head No Yes
Dust away genie cleaning head Yes No
HEPA filter Yes Yes
Crevice tool Yes Yes
Dusting brush Yes Yes
Upholstery brush No Yes
Pet power brush Yes Yes
Hose Yes Yes
Headlight No Yes


Considering the design, size, weight, power, and accessories, both vacuum is perfect for daily cleaning and dusting. There are some minor unlikeness if you see on these two. Like the Rotator is 11.5” where the Navigator is 9.5”. That makes the little navigator light, but you will need a few extra swipes across the hard floor.

Also, the Rotator Professional has 40% smaller dust container comparison to the Navigator. But both vacuums are easy to swipe and steering and comfortable to work around corners and furniture. Both cleaners have the same 30 ft long cord is enough for an average size of the home.


Shark has more than two dozen of the models with top user ratings. These two shark vacuums are best for pet hairs, hard floors, rugs, curtains, furniture. Mostly, pet owners won’t disappoint if they buy any of these shark vacuums. Still, there remain some questions about how better these two could perform at different households.

The performance, reliability, owner satisfaction all vary person to person. During our research, we found that most people like high suction power and easy dustbin emptying feature. It’s because we all face hassle with everyday cleaning which requires lots of time, attention and energy. So, saving time is essential, but cleaning efficiency is also crucial.

In that case, weight, cleaning heads or other things come later. And after discussing Shark Navigator vs Rotator we can say, you are in just right track if you consider having Shark vacuums. It’s the most advanced vacuum that offers all in cleaning, well almost!

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