A vacuum cleaner is the most popular machine to clean the floor, carpets, and other surfaces in every home. The vacuum keeps the home away from harmful dust particles and boosts the quality of air inside. It is used in the house of these people who are having respiratory problems to keep the air clean and away from dust, grime, and allergens.

There are different types of vacuum cleaners available in the online stores. You can buy the best one that fits your home cleaning needs and budget. Few of the popular vacuum cleaner styles that are available in the market include canister, upright, handheld, robotic, and more.

In addition to all these cleaners, you also get the central vacuum systems. The vacuum cleaner that is best for your home relies on various factors.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners:

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, you should know what type of vacuum you need. So here are some most popular vacuum cleaners below.

1. Canister Vacuum:

This type of cleaner has a long wand attached to a canister with a flexible hose. The key components that are incorporated in this canister are motors and receptacle, which is used to collect dust particles. The vacuum is attached with wheels that allow you to move the cleaner around the home with ease. It is the preferred vacuum cleaner over the traditional upright vacuum cleaner since the person has to move the canister’s flexible hose.

The canister vacuum comes with umpteen attachments, which makes it an ideal choice to clean all types of flooring surfaces. Apart from vacuum cleaning the tiles, you also need to use this to clean the wooden flooring, carpets, draperies, and upholstery.

In addition, you also can use this to clean stairs with canister over the upright model of this cleaner. The type of cleaning and number of rooms you would clean every day and the surfaces would help you decide the type of attachments to be used.

2. Upright Vacuums:

As its name, this type of cleaner stands in the upright position. It is the best vacuum cleaner over the other types of cleaners to clean carpets that are prone to heavy foot traffic. The main components of this cleaner are the intake and exhaust ports, a motor that is driven by a fan, a bag, a receptacle to collect the dust particles, and other trash.

All these components are attached to the handle that controls the unit. The fan, motor, and intake port components are placed at the bottom of the unit. The motor is equipped with a slew of rotating bristles. When you turn ON the power of the vacuum cleaner, the brushes would get activated and start to sweep the carpets accumulated with dust and stains using the fan suctions.

The dirt and debris are collected in the bag or receptacle that is located closer to the motor compartment. So, the air will go away through the dust collection area of the exhaust port. This port is equipped with a filter that will hold the bag or receptacle.

There are a few vacuum cleaner manufacturing companies that are equipping their modeled cleaners with attachment and flexible hoses. It will provide you the flexibility to clean carpets. So, this tool is used to clean carpets and staircases.

different types of vacuum cleaners

3. Handheld Vacuums:

The handheld vacuum is used by the people along with the upright vacuum cleaner. The small size, compact design, and portability make it easy for you to clean the hard to access places like stairs, corners, and interior of your cars. It is equipped with rotating bristles along with the normal suction action. Few of this modeled cleaner is used to remove pet dander and hair from upholstery, and few are used to clean small shops.

This cleaner is cost-effective and is available in both cord and cordless models. Few of the models run with batteries. When the cleaner is not in use, you can keep it for the charge. The battery life of the cleaner varies from one model to another. If a handheld vacuum cleaner is used to clean car interiors, you might need to go for the cord option. However, the drawback is that the chord can be pulled up to a certain distance.

4. Robotic Vacuums:

The robotic vacuum is lightweight and is exclusively designed to operate with no or less human efforts. It cleans all kinds of surfaces as per the instructions or commands entered in the program. You can enter the program either in the device console or using the remote control. This cleaner will clean off the surfaces while you carry out other household chores.

There are a few models of cleaners that allow you to set the intensity of cleaning. So, it will clean all the rooms a few times. Once the cleaning task is done, the machine would turn OFF automatically. The electronic sensors equipped in this cleaner will let the appliance hit the obstacles like walls, furniture, and other appliances that are arranged inside while cleaning. The rubber bumpers will not cause any kind of damage to the things that come on the way while cleaning.

The robotic cleaner is used to clean carpets, wood, and tile flooring. Its small size lets the device to clean under beds, chairs, and furniture. You need to charge this vacuum after every usage. It is cordless, and you do not need any bags to store the debris.  Also, this vacuum produces less noise compared to the traditional vacuum cleaners.

5. Stick Vacuums:

The electric broom or stick vacuum cleaner is lightweight and is upright. The motor is equipped either in the handle or the wand, which is connected to the cleaning heads. It is an ideal cleaner to clean small homes having carpets or outdoors with carpet area.

Due to its lightweight, you can use this to clean every corner and collect dust particles. Moreover, you can use this to clean your home regularly. On the flip side, this type of cleaner does not have a canister unit and is not as powerful as the other upright cleaners. So, it cannot be used to deep clean the carpets, since these lack suction power and attachments.

6. Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

There are a few big homes that have a central vacuum cleaning system. It cleans the home area and collects the dust particles in the bags that are located in the basement and garage areas. You cannot see the receptacle of this cleaning system. The channel will run in each room from the central area where both the motor and dust collection receptacles are installed.

Rather than using a regular vacuum cleaner to clean every home manually, you can use this to clean the entire house at one go. This comes with a flexible hose attached to a wall outlet. When you turn ON the power of the vacuum cleaner, the motor gets activated. Alike to the canister vacuum cleaner, this type of vacuum cleaning system comes with a myriad of attachments that gives the flexibility to clean all types of surfaces, including the hard to reach areas.

This cleaning system is ideal to be installed in the home with respiratory problems. It is lightweight and is easy to move. The dirt collection bags do not need to be disposed of as frequently as you do with the traditional vacuum cleaners. Also, it requires minimal maintenance, and the bin is not located in the home.


A vacuum cleaner is the most important appliance that is required for every home and office to keep it clean and tidy. You need to pick the best one from different types of vacuum cleaners that fits in your cleaning requirements and as per the style and type of cleaning. Also, you need to take the home size and lifestyle into consideration prior to buying one for your home.

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