To use and maintain your vacuum cleaner properly, you need some knowledge about vacuum cleaner attachments and accessories. The vacuum cleaner is an essential appliance to keep your home clean. However, you will find various attachments that are connected to the cleaner to make your cleaning process easy and enjoyable.

Some inclusions are really so useful for your vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, you also find some unnecessary or less useful attachments to the cleaning machine. This article is a guide for you to know about all kinds of attachments of the vacuum cleaner, their functions, and uses.

Vacuum Cleaner Attachments: Why Need It

If you search for vacuum cleaner attachments online, you will find a lot of companies that provide vacuum cleaner parts and attachments. Mostly universal vacuum attachments kit contains six pieces of vacuum cleaner accessories such as crevice tool, upholstery tool, adapter, three types of the brush tool.

These vacuum accessories and attachments will help you to clean fast. For example, if you have a pet in your house and need to clean the per hair regular, then you cannot clean the pet hair with a regular vacuum. But with pet tools, you can clean any pet hairs perfectly.

So, before buying a vacuum cleaner for carpet, floor, or pet hair, you should check which accessories are available with this cleaner. And, you don’t need to buy new vacuum attachments next time.

Top 12 Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Many companies offer these accessories with a vacuum cleaner. Let’s see the accessories and attachments of the vacuum cleaner.

uses of vacuum cleaner attachments

#1 Accessory bag

At first, you need a place to keep all the accessories together. Usually, most of the manufacturers think about it, and they offer an accessory bag. In this bag, you can put it in the garage or closet. You should make sure that this bag is near to you and you can find it whenever you need it. However, use the right tool for the right job.

Use of it: You should use it to keep your necessary things and tools of vacuum cleaner nearby your hand. If you do that, there is less possibility of losing any tool.

#2 Brushes

The brushes is an important tool for a vacuum cleaner. There are various kinds of brushes for a vacuum cleaner for different kinds of cleaning purposes. Let’s see them.

It is a round brush which can you use with the hoses and wands. Usually, this brush is good to clean wooden surfaces to clean dust. It is soft, bristles, medium-long. However, it is perfect for cleaning dust from the furniture.

Use of it: This brush is versatile, and you can use it to remove dust and dirt from your furniture, television, and others.

#3 Floor brush

Whenever you clean the floor of your home, you feel that sometimes it is very tough. So, you need a different brush to clean your floor. To solve this problem, you can use the floor brush. It is made of a beater bar. However, manufacturers use durable material to make them. So, you can use it for your daily purpose.

Use of it: You can use a floor brush to do all kinds of floor cleaning. You will find some other types of floor brushes. Some are for hardwood floor cleaning, some for a tiled floor. So, according to your needs, choose this brush that is appropriate for your floor.

#4 2 to ½ inch multi-angle brush

It is used with hoses to pick up dry or bulky dirt from surfaces. However, it is soft and does not damage your softest place. So, you can use it with your vacuum cleaner. You can move it in any direction for its multi-angle.

Use of it: This brush is good for cleaning your wooden surfaces and also blinds. Besides, you can use it to clean your workshop.

#5 Powered brush

This brush comes with various names such as TurboBrush, Multi-tool. The main feature of this brush is a moto powering small brush roll.

Use of it: You can use this tool for normal cleaning tasks. The size of this brush is so smaller that you can reach the tighter places with this tool. Besides, it has regular cleaning power.

#6 Upholstery brush

It is made of soft, long bristles. So, it is ideal for cleaning carpets. Besides, you can use it with soap to clean the surfaces of furniture and carpet to remove all kinds of dirt and odor.

Use of it: This attachment is good for removing odor, stains from carpets and furniture. You can also use this brush to remove debris from clothes.

#7 Ceiling fan cleaning attachment

It is tough to clean the ceiling fan. In this condition, you can use the ceiling fan attachment. Basically, it is a strong tube that contains a blend to clean all the areas of a ceiling fan. Some attachments have the flexibility to move around both sides of the blades to remove dust from them.

Use of it: You can use it to clean the upper part of the fan and its blades.

vacuum cleaner accessories

#8 Claw utility nozzle

It is the accessory that looks like a wedge, and it is curved the head inwards. You can use it on dry or wet messes. This attachment is attached to the end part of the hose.

Use of it: This attachment is perfect to clean boats or car interiors.

#9 Crevice tools

It is one of the important vacuum cleaner accessories which is attached at the end part to the hose. Some manufacturers bring variants of this tool.

Use of it: It is a useful tool to clean the narrow corners such as the place between sofa cushions, baseboards, etc.

#10 Dustbender

It seems to be a new accessory. You can attach it to your vacuum cleaner, which contains a compressed air can. It simultaneously blows up the air and vacuums the dust.

Use of it: You can use it to clean shelves, cabinets, etc.

#11 Pet tools

You may have a pet. So, this accessory is important to you. It will help you to groom your pet. It is also helpful to gather the fallen hair of your pet.

Use of it: You can apply this tool to your pet.

#12 Extension Wand

It is a tube which is used to attaching to the hose of your vacuum cleaner. You can also use it to link another extension to the vacuum.

Use of it: It is an essential extension while cleaning the areas such as the underside of the refrigerator.

Final Verdict

The vacuum cleaner is also known as a hoover. It works with a centrifugal fan to collect dust and dirt. However, this cleaning utensil has some other extensions, which are also very useful for various types of cleaning. If you know the functions and uses of vacuum cleaner attachments & accessories properly, your cleaning work will be enjoyable and easy for you.

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