A great advantage of vinyl floors is that they are more durable and cost-effective than wooden or ceramic flooring, but they look just as good. However, it is not all win-win with these planks. You have to maintain them, and nothing but the best mop for vinyl plank floors will do.

We recommend the best and nothing but the best because these floors bruise easily. They do have a long lifespan, but once there’s a scratch, it will stay. So, in order to understand how to tell apart the best mop cleaners from the regular ones, we urge you to read on.

Trust us and save yourself from the hassle of reflooring after a few months.

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Top 7 Best Mops for Vinyl Plank Flooring

Whether you want the finest microfiber mops or a top-notch wet mop for vinyl plank floors, we recommend that you look at our list of the mops down below. There are a lot of different variations in the market. It’s easy to get confused. But we heartily hope that you find yours by reading further.

#1 BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner

BISSELL Spinwave

With a reasonable price for just under 100 bucks, BISSELL Spinwave Powered Mop is an excellent choice because of the mop’s cleaning capability on vinyl floors and other helpful features. You know that too much water while cleaning vinyl floors can damage it. So, you will need something that doesn’t spill much water and mop gently on vinyl floors.

This is the perfect automatic cleaner with spinning mops and a controllable steam spray system. Even the most stubborn stains will no longer be there if you mix a little bit of recommended cleaning solution. As a result, there will be no tension for your kids or pets.

With its secure maneuverable steering system, you can cover a large apartment very quickly. Moreover, the device works silently so that other members don’t feel disturbed while cleaning. For those who care about their floor should get this one as the soft mops don’t take away the shine of a vinyl floor.

The mop comes with an on-demand and controlled spray system so that you can clean more effectively. Moreover, its swivel steering will let you clean under the sink or hard-to-reach areas easily.

As the device is lightweight and takes minimal effort to move around, you will love it. The minimal effort is only possible because of the spinning mop feature. Not all steam cleaners come with this feature, and one has to put some pressure while cleaning. On the other hand, the water tank has a capacity of 28 ounces so that you don’t have to refill it too often.

Finally, if you want, you can add a cleaning solution with the water for gentle cleaning on hard surfaces. If you’re going to try something different than a traditional cleaner and less effort for cleaning, you should give BISSELL Spinwave a try.

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Includes extra pads.
  • Easy to use and quick cleaning
  • Requires less effort.
  • Leaves swirl marks.

#2 O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

best mop for vinyl floors

The easiest thing to do for the maintenance here is to get the best microfiber mop for vinyl floors. We would highly recommend this spin mop made with microfiber for that purpose. Microfiber is an amazing cloth for cleaning. It will remove 90% of the bacteria from any surface by just using water as a medium.

So you won’t have to use any abrasive or harsh chemicals here. It will deep clean your vinyl floors delicately and thoroughly. All the grime will be absorbed, and you will be left with glistening floors every day.

If you know anything about these mechanical mops, then this next feature will make you very happy. This mop has an exclusive bucket design. The bucket has been preinstalled with a handsfree wringing system. So not only will it be convenient for you to use this mop to clean across the room, but it will also be a very hassle-free activity for you.

Moreover, the preinstalled wringer is a great blessing when it comes to the efforts of mopping. You are not going to have to drain the dirty water from the microfiber cloth yourself. Just put the mop into the wringer and then turn it on. All the water will be drained automatically without any extra effort.

Thus, you will be saved from the revolting feeling of touching dirty water, as well as from the muscle-requiring effort of wringing manually. It also has a foot pedal design attached to the spin wringing system. This pedal design makes your wringing more effective by allowing you to wring the microfiber without even bending to do it.

Just push it with your foot, and the wringing shall be done for you. By controlling the pressure level, you apply with your foot. You will also be able to take control of the moisture level retention of the cloth.

  • Replaceable mop head.
  • Perfect length to prevent back pain.
  • Easy auto-maneuvering wringing system.
  • Wringing is done by the push of the foot pedal system.
  • Convenient triangular mop head for reaching all the corners.
  • The handle cannot be replaced if it gets broken.

#3 Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

If you want the best of two cleaning systems together, then go for this 2-in-1 mop and sweep microfiber cleaner, which is also considered as one of the best microfiber mops. They don’t flaunt it in their name, but this one is quite an amazing product for you if you want to switch between different modes of cleaning at different times.

There are three modes in which you will be able to use this mop. First is the dry dust mode, second is the wet mode, and the third is the scrub mode. Each of these three modes requires different levels of effort from you. But due to the long lightweight handle of the tool, you will never have to strain your muscles to do any of it.

The handle itself is very sturdy. Made from aluminum alloy, it is quite durable and malleable. It won’t break, nor will it get bent if it suffers an impact by any chance. Rest assured, you will be able to keep this with you for a long while.

In case a replacement is required, you will have extra replacement parts for every part of its body.  These are quite of the industrial quality and are highly recommended in big public places like offices where they might be used a bit more roughly than at home.

Along with being replaceable, these are also washable. So you will be able to wash them repeatedly without any of the microfibers coming out loose. The scrubbing pads are very delicate, and with the right cleansing agent, it will be an even better and thorough clean up.

As for the cleansing agent, you can use the most natural ones you can get your hands on. Water is the best, but for more sparkly cleanliness, use vinegar, and you will make your floors shine as good as new.

  • Works with all types of floors.
  • Washable pads that do not wear out.
  • Will be able to reach tight corners easily.
  • Durable handle made of aluminum alloy.
  • Has a full circle swivel head for maximum agility.
  • Replaceable parts of high quality come in the kit.
  • Does not have a built-in wringing system.

#4 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop

best wet mop for vinyl plank floors

If you are looking for a great mop that will run the long miles with you, this microfiber mop just might be what you have been looking for. The 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop is not only a mop that will clean thoroughly, but also it will last many washes itself.

Mops nowadays come with a very short lifespan. Even the other microfiber ones in the market today get ruined very easily, which is why many companies provide refills in the kit itself. However, the aim of this company is to produce quality tools that do not need to be changed.

Whether your floor is made of hardwood, tiles, or stone, the carefully implanted microfiber of this cleaning tool will be able to handle it all. They will only get dirty with use, but never worn out. If you are a person of convenience, you are going to love the fact that this mopping pad is completely machine washable.

In making them so, the company also makes them environmentally friendly. So, if you want to have a positive impact on the environment, as well as have your floors shine for you, this mop is just the right tool for you.

The pad has a dual system – one is the microfiber fringe, which is for collecting stubborn debris like pet hair, and the other is the microfiber yarn-face, which collects the pesky miniature dust particles. Can you imagine how thoroughly designed this mop is? We certainly approve of the complete roundabout cleaning result we got from this pad.

Besides that, the swivel on the tool makes a complete circle and allows you to reach corners around table-leg corners and other tricky areas. The mop frame itself is 18 inches in length. It has a rectangular body with smaller widths, which makes reaching into the tight corners of the room where no other mop can reach without quite a bit of struggle.

  • For heavy-duty use.
  • Durable, long-lasting wet pads.
  • Wet pads are machine washable.
  • Handle bends to an angle of 70 degrees for better maneuvering.
  • Comes with a dual cleaning set up for small and big debris altogether.
  • Does not have an automatic wringing system.

#5 TETHYS Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set

best mop for cleaning vinyl plank floors

Now, we’ll take a look at another floor mopping set that comes with a bucket design and is complete with a wringing system. This is honestly the most difficult bit about mopping, and when you have a system as convenient as this, you will no longer associate fear upon hearing of the task.

Besides supporting an effortless technique of draining water, this design is also very elegant to look at. It has a smooth finish and boasts a very nice shade of black and red. You will not be reluctant about having this out in front of guests. In fact, you may even impress some of them if they happen to lay their eyes on it.

Along with the aesthetic and the convenience factor, this mop is also going to make it very easy for you to clean the floors quickly. The microfiber pad that comes with it is highly efficient in soaking up dirt without holding on to it.

With just a few sweeps, you will have your entire room sparkly clean. This mop will run effectively over any type of flooring you have, be it the rough stony flooring, or the high-friction flooring of cement.

Another important thing to consider here is that the swivel head moves around at an angle of 280 degrees. This angle rotation might be more comfortable for many of you because the ones that go a full circle rotation are a bit tough to manage.

So, if you are a beginner, then you are definitely going to be more comfortable using this than any other mop with a bigger rotation angle.

  • Has machine-washable microfiber cleaning pads.
  • Swivel head rotates to 280 degrees for ease of control.
  • The handle can be assembled to adjust for varying heights.
  • Comes with a bucket design for easy-carrying convenience.
  • Able to wring and dry the mop head using the bucket itself.
  • The bucket is not deep enough to wet the mop head length to length.

#6 Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Floor Cleaning Kit

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

If you are looking for something that is going to keep your floors sparkling without being rough on them, then this is just the right mop for you. It is friendly for multiple types of flooring. That includes laminated floors, tiled floors, hardwood, and of course, vinyl floors as well.

The pad that will clean the floors is made of microfiber fabric – this is a type of cloth that produces static energy when used dry. That static energy will have a gripping pull on the dust and grime on the floor. It will attract 50% more dirt than regular mops.

And when used wet, well, you can imagine just how effective the microfiber will be. It will clean up your floors three times faster than traditional mopping cloths.

Furthermore, you will see a small red scrubber on the top of the pad. The scrubber is for those stubborn spots that will not budge by the smooth action of the mop, and require a bit of rough handling instead.

Another great help of convenience is the refillable bottles that come with the kit. Two transparent bottles will allow you to mix your own cleaning solution. Each holds about 22 ounces of liquid.

There is a pocket in the mop to carry the mixture bottle along with you as you clean. The bottle has a button for spraying, and it will be let out a certain amount of cleaning solution every time you press it. This whole set up is built to help you speed up the cleaning process effortlessly.

The stick is made with very lightweight metal and is about 6 inches in length. Its length is perfect – you won’t have to struggle with handling the mop, and neither do you have to struggle with back pain after a good cleaning session!

  • The stick is long enough to prevent back pain.
  • Comes with spray bottles that you can carry on the stick.
  • Cleans with microfiber pads that are powerful yet gentle.
  • Velcro scrubbing pads help to poke away the stubborn dirt faster.
  • Independent device – does not require batteries or electricity to run.
  • The spray trigger is quite fragile and may break after a few uses.

#7 MEXERRIS Microfiber Spray Mop


There is something that is even more convenient than a mop that comes with a bucket system. We are here to present to you this dubious invention of modern technology – the mop that comes with its own water-spraying system.

If you like independence, you will like this mop too. It does not need the help of a bucket to keep itself wet. Rather, it has a water inlet built within its handle, which can be filled up with water and used to spray water in areas that need it.

Not only is this a highly efficient system, but it’s extremely fun too. The little tank inside holds about 410 ml of water. You can clean very big rooms with it without going back for a water refill.

When you do not need to do wet-cleaning, you will also be able to clean surfaces dry. The microfiber gradient is good at picking up dust and dirt in both types of settings. Also, the cloth is strong enough to clean not only smooth vinyl floors but also rough ones that are made of concrete or stone.

The swivel head rotates to about 360 degrees, which is pretty convenient at reaching the tough corners. You might need to practice with it a bit, to gain full control of the swiveling head, but once you achieve that control, this is going to make your life much more comfortable and your space much cleaner.

  • Microfiber can clean the floor in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Water tank holds enough water to clean large rooms with one fill.
  • Comes with a super convenient water spraying unit installed inside.
  • Has a 360-degree rotating mop head to reach all corners of the house.
  • The water tank may start leaking after a few clean.

Benefits of Using a Mop for Vinyl Floors

Why should you use a mop on your vinyl floors regularly? Because, to keep the shine, you need to maintain them. So, there are many benefits of using a mop for these floors. Let’s get to know them.

Important for Removing Dust

You might be considering getting vinyl flooring because it is low maintenance. Well, they may be low maintenance, but they do catch a lot of dust and grime.

So, as a result of that, a film of dust will settle into the crevices and stay there. Sweeping will just push the dust together and let them store up in the corners.

With mopping, you will get a more thorough clean.

Helps the Floor to Look Good

Also, if they are regularly mopped, these vinyl floors will look shiny every day and will also be able to retain their shine and glaze for longer periods. Therefore, to keep your floors looking as good and as fresh as new, the only thing you have to do is to mop them regularly.


Also, another benefit is that they will last you very long. These mops nowadays are made to be very sturdy. They have an excellent balance to their weight and come at various customizable lengths.

You will find many kinds of mops in the market. Also, you could choose a microfiber one, or a sponge one so that you can use them both dry and wet.


You will be able to adjust the length of the handle just as your requirement. So, you will be able to get clean, sparkly floors every day without risking the chances of back pain.

Criteria Used for Evaluation

There are a few critical points that you should know to find the best mop for yourself. Even if you have not found what you were looking for in the list above, you will be able to find the best mop on your own.

Type of Mop

There are many different mops to choose from many brands. We listed 3 of them down below.

  • Regular Cleaning: There are flat mops. These are the most basic ones you see in households. They are completely manual, require tough muscle work, and may induce back pain.
  • For Dusting: These have a long handle to reach the top corners of ceilings. They may be made with a variety of fibers, but they are not meant for wet cleaning.
  • For Thorough Cleaning: If you want to get rid of every bit of dust and have your floors sparkle, then get the best sponge mop for vinyl floors. You can also use other mechanical systems that sport microfiber cleaning pads.


You need to find a mop that does not induce back pain in any manner. To ensure this, it is better to get a mop that has an adjustable handle.

If you have to clean for long periods, then a mop that comes with a bucket design will be more convenient for you. You can also get those self-wringing tool set-ups if you do not want any pain while trying to get the mop cloth clean and dry.


Make sure that the mop you have does not hurt the floor in any way. Always get ones that come with soft padding on them. Stay away from string mops as they will form latches on your vinyl floors and cause permanent damage to its appearance.

Microfiber ones are the most common among the non-abrasive class of mops. You could also get a sponge mop. Although these latter ones do not last long, they clean up clean and thoroughly.


In the realm of floor mops, the higher you pay, the more convenience you get. A discussion of the budget will take us back to functionality. Some mops are manually controlled and are very cheap. If you can spend the time and effort behind it, they will clean just as good as expensive corded-electric automated models.

So, choose a mop depending on who’s using it, and how much time the person can invest behind mopping floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please leave them for us in the comment section. We’ll get back to you shortly. In the meantime, check these questions to clear up further the confusion regarding finding the best wet mop for vinyl plank floors.

What is the best way to clean vinyl plank flooring?

The best way to clean vinyl plank flooring is to throw a bit of water on the floor, and then use a clean, soft cloth (preferably microfiber) mop to scrub and clean the area.

If you want a more thorough clean, try to use apple cider vinegar as the cleaning agent, instead of water. The rest of the process is the same.

Can you use Mop and Glo on vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, Mop and Glo can be used on these floors. They will clean away all the dirt from deep crevices of the floor. When you are done cleaning, you will notice a shiny glaze on your floors as well.

However, be careful as to clean the floor up as soon as you apply Mop and Glo to it. If kept for longer, then the product tends to build-up on the floor and leave a film of greasy texture behind. So, use it sparingly and be done with it quickly.

Can you use a Swiffer on vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, Swiffer is gentle enough to be used on plank floors on a regular basis.

Final Verdicts

Nothing but the best mop for vinyl plank floors is acceptable. These floors are a blessing in terms of expense and appearance. In order to retain their shine, you need to take care of them properly. Moreover, you can also use any steam mops for cleaning vinyl floors easily.

We presented to you all the great mops we have come across until now. So, we are hoping that this helps you to find the best mop for cleaning vinyl floors for your house.

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