People use vinegar for cleaning home, but some people ask that can I put vinegar in my steam mop? The answer is yes. You can put vinegar in your steam mop while cleaning your floor. You would like to know how to use it correctly.

As vinegar is a great solution to clean and remove germs and stain, you can use it in your steam mop to make your cleaning work more efficient. But it would help if you did not use it to clean a hardwood floor. So, before using it, you should know more, and here is our guide for you.

Can I Put Vinegar In My Steam Mop?

You can put vinegar in your steam mop, but you cannot use it for all types of floors. In the case of several floors like a hardwood floor, you should avoid using vinegar in a steam mop. When we clean a floor like laminate with a steam mop, we use a solution of water and a little bit of soap or detergent.

However, if you want to use some vinegar to enhance your cleaning power, you can add some vinegar to the mixture. It not only increases the cleaning power of the solution but also kills germs from the floor. Most of the floors are suitable for using vinegar to clean.

Benefits of cleaning with vinegar:

Most of us know the cleaning ability of vinegar. We use vinegar to clean our stained clothes, carpets, tiles, floors, and so on. As vinegar is an acidic solution, it works against germs and stains effectively. You can use vinegar for most of your cleaning purposes. But before using it, you need to know the proper use of vinegar.

When you find that you cannot clean a large stained area properly with the ordinary cleaning solution, you can try vinegar with baking soda or others to clean correctly. The mixture of white vinegar and water in the ratio of 50:50 is suitable for cleaning purposes.

For its acidic property, vinegar works against stubborn stain and dirt. Though it is acidic, it is eco-friendly and also non-toxic. Besides, you can get vinegar cheaper than other cleaning solutions. Most of the household cleaning purposes such as glass windows, countertops of your kitchen, microwaves, coffeemakers, showers, toilet tiles, floors, some appliances, cloth stains, etc. are easy to clean with vinegar.

Moreover, you can use white vinegar to remove your pet stains and odors from floors, carpets, and clothes.

can i put vinegar in my shark steam mop

Here are the benefits to put vinegar in steam mop:

As you want to use vinegar in your steam mop, now learn the benefits to put it in the mop.

  • While cleaning your floor with a steam mop, use vinegar to get rid of the stubborn dirt and stains.
  • When you see a hard water stain and soap scum on your floor, use a vinegar solution in your mop to clean them properly.
  • You can use the same part of water, rubbing alcohol and vinegar, and use it to your mop while cleaning the floor of linoleum, vinyl, or tiles.
  • Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent. It cleans as well as deodorizes your floor. So, it is better to use vinegar rather than harsh chemical products.
  • Vinegar disinfects the house by cleaning germs, bacteria, and other harmful things. It is known as a natural purifier from many years ago. So, using vinegar enhances the performance of your steam mop.
  • Soap and another detergent can only remove the stain and make your floor spotless. But vinegar can fight against germs and remove grease and other stains with less effort. So, putting vinegar in your steam mop is good for the environment of your home.
  • As vinegar is not a harmful chemical, you need not think about the safety of your children or your pet before using vinegar in the steam mop.

If you do not use vinegar before cleaning your floor or other things, after using vinegar, you will notice the differences. However, taking a lower portion of vinegar will weaken the cleaning process. So, it is essential to use the right amount of vinegar.

Is vinegar bad for a hardwood floor?

Yes, vinegar is not suitable for a hardwood floor. We know that hardwood floors have a chemical finish that protects the surface of the floor. When you use a vinegar solution on a hardwood floor, it reacts with the chemical of the hardwood floor. And as a result, the floor can crack, or be discolored. It is for the acidic property of the vinegar.

So, vinegar can make the hardwood floor surface dull. Besides, if the floor comes in contact with a lot of moisture, it can decay gradually. If you want to use a steam mop on a hardwood floor, you should be careful of the solutions you are going to use. Try to use a neutral PH solution to keep your hardwood floor away from damaging. So, you can use a normal mop for cleaning vinyl floors or any other hardwood floors.

Is vinegar bad for a hardwood floor

How to use vinegar to clean carpets and tiles?

A vinegar solution is right for cleaning carpets. Besides, it is an excellent choice for tiles floors. That means you can use vinegar for cleaning your carpets and tiles without any problem. However, let`s know how to use `vinegar to clean carpets.

If your carpet gets stained with tough dirt, vinegar can be the best solution. Take an equal part of vinegar and water and apply the solution on the stained area. Then clean the area and rinse it. Let the carpet dry. But it would help if you used the solution in different portions for different types of stains.

To remove the heavy stain such as chewing gum, apply vinegar directly on it. Then tug at the chewing gum. For chocolate and coffee stains, mix one part of vinegar with two parts of water and use it. To clean the tile surface, you should use one cup of vinegar in one-gallon water and then mop the tile surface with it. By this, you can keep your tile floor shiny and germ-free.


So, after reading this article, you already know that you can use a steam cleaner with vinegar. Using vinegar in your steam mop helps you to keep your floor fresh and clean. Besides, it removes bad odors and germs. So, according to the floor type, you can use vinegar in your steam mop.

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