You’re probably scratching your head, seeing both “best” and “cheap” together in one sentence. Wait! Hold your horses. In this age of technology, affordability is the name of the game.

Although it isn’t possible to buy the best things with this amount of money, let us tell you that the best vacuum under 50 bucks can do the job without breaking your bank. You just need to work hard to find that best one out of hundreds.

Manufacturers around the world are now focusing on people with a budget. So there’s a bunch of them available. But in order to keep the price low, they had to choose between many features and pick the most important ones in their view.

So, finding the best cheap vacuum cleaner with all the features, you need is a mammoth task. Well, that’s why you’re here.

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Top 7 Best Vacuum Under 50 Dollars

From cordless to stick attached, there are many types of vacuums available in this range. Becoming puzzled seeing so many isn’t impossible, so we’ve done the hard part for you.

#1 Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum

Bissell Zing

If you’re still hesitant about making a switch from the old canister vacuum, then you don’t have to. Because we’re opening with the highly-rated Canister vacuum from Bissell. And why wouldn’t we when it features lots of useful options for clean up?

For starters, this canister vacuum works on most surfaces like rugs and carpets. Cleaning uneven surfaces is a breeze with this beast as it goes with the flow to suck each and every dirt. All that is possible, thanks to the high suction power inside.

This Bissell canister cleaner sucks in any dirt from over and under your carpet and cleans every nook and cranny of your couch. Is there anything more to ask? There shouldn’t be, but it doesn’t end here. It will let you know when the bag is full, and you can wash the filters.

For your pleasure, it lets you choose different settings for different purposes. The variable suction control, coupled with swivel steering, makes your life easy when you go clean the narrowest of spaces – easy maneuvering, easy life.

You may object to its size, but why would you? This bagged canister vacuum has a carry handle for easy carrying. And poof goes that worry about its weight, though it isn’t that much heavy. It has 16 feet long cord and 6 feet long hose, which should allow you to clean an entire room without ever needing to change power outlets.

Furthermore, you’re getting a crevice tool and an extension wand to extend your vacuum’s reach to the tightest corners. And even if that fails, you can use the included dusting brush for cleaning those places where the vacuum can’t go.

  • Portable, and multi-surface cleaner.
  • Great suction gets the dirt high and low.
  • It has variable suction control system.
  • Big dirt cup capacity (2 liters).
  • Includes necessary tools like a crevice tool.
  • Some might find the weight a little bit heavy.
  • Vacuum bags renewal might be a bit costly.

#2 Vaclife Handheld Vacuum Cordless with High Power

Vaclife Handheld Vacuum

All-rounder products are everyone’s thing, and if they give you the features you need, then it’s impossible to ignore. This handheld cordless vacuum from Vaclife is such a product. From design to settings and features, it has got all. No exaggeration!

Well, to start off, it’s cordless and light as a feather. And as there’s no cable attached to the unit. So, you’re free to roam around the house or the office for quick and swift cleaning. Being very small in size, you don’t need to do guesswork on how to put it in that tight corner, and there are the attachments. We’ll come back to it later.

These days, good vacuums include a good quality filter in their vacuum to protect you from pollutants, allergens, and such other particles of dust. This handheld vacuum has exactly that, a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter is more washable than any paper filter, which is a statement of its durability.

Thanks to the bright LED light on the top of the vacuum; you can clean the dark spaces of your house easily. While the LED might not light up the room, but you can clean even in darkness without disturbing anyone. And it has multi-surface workability, which is made easier by the attachments.

The attachments you’re getting with the vacuum include a brush tool for manual cleaning. And for extending the vacuum’s reach, you’ll get a crevice nozzle tool and an extension pipe. Also, you’ll get an adapter for charging and a carry case for easy mobility.

Finally, the most important part is that its 2000 mAh battery allows you to work 30 minutes straight on a single charge. This lifespan is enough to clean your small flat easily. You can get a full charge in about 3 hours.

  • Portable, and compact hand vacuum.
  • 30 minutes of cleaning action.
  • Bright LED light for dark areas.
  • It comes with useful attachments.
  • This one has HEPA Filter.
  • The rubber flap at the back is not strong.

#3 Bissell 20334 Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum

Bissell 20334

If you’re more used to the corded stick vacuums of the past, you might take a look at this one from Bissell. This stick vacuum is very easy to maneuver due to the lightweight of it, or they call it featherweight. And weighing at only about 2 pounds, it’s one of the lightest ones.

It’s convertible type, meaning you can convert it from a stick vacuum to a handheld one by just switching out the stick. This 2 in 1 function comes in handy in many situations where you have to clean both high and low places in one go.  Switching between the modes is simple with a one-touch lever.

Just by removing the stick from the body, it becomes small enough to store in a tight space, thanks to the same 2 in 1 function. That’s an advantage in terms of mobility. That being said, the cord might not satisfy all as it’s only 15 feet long. You might need to change the power outlet if you’re cleaning a big room.

The vacuum’s floor nozzle is removable for better usability during handheld operation as the shape makes it awkward to work in tight spaces. Keep the floor nozzle for multi-surface applications such as carpets, rugs, etc. The most important thing that it’s an excellent cleaner for older people because of lightweight design.

A crevice tool is a necessary attachment to reach the narrow corners where the front nozzle can’t go. The bagless design, coupled with a quick-release bin, eases the vacuum cleaning. But a powerful vacuum motor makes it not suitable for kids and older people as it’s a little bit loud and unstable without a manual hold by the user.

  • Easily converts to Hand vacuum.
  • Convertible 2 in 1 function.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Multi-surface application.
  • Easy to store in small space.
  • Short cord compared to other options.
  • Filtration is not HEPA filtration.

#4 BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

best handheld vacuum under 50

Remember those blasters in the hands of Empire storm troopers in Star Wars? This handheld vacuum brings those in mind. No? It might be just us. But the point is that it might not be a blaster, but it’s quite adorable whilst packing a punch. This tiny cleaner is from the household winner Black+Decker.

This vacuum can complete tasks like any other but better. Picking up big chunks of dirt or nasty balls of hair (your pet’s hair is included) isn’t an issue for this. The suction will take in the dirt bits by bits, even if it is a bundle.

With regards to its main part, the battery consists of lithium-ion that recharges quickly. Just in four hours, it charges to the full limit, and this charge will let you vacuum for thirty minutes with high suction settings.

That’s not all; this vacuum has a smart charge base for efficient charging using less power. It uses only half the energy of other battery-powered vacuums to charge itself. And the moment your vacuum is fully charged, the smart charge base will automatically stop the charging process.

There’s more; it has a dump canister that can be twisted off of it, so you don’t have to use a vacuum bag. You can detach this part completely from the vacuum giving you a big opening for clean-up. The filter is detachable and washable.

This handheld vacuum is perfect for those living in small apartments or RVs as it doesn’t occupy that much space, and it’s portable. Weighing less than 3 pounds, you won’t even feel it in your hand. You’ll be getting a much-needed crevice tool for reaching small spaces and a brush for gathering dust.

  • Portable and rechargeable cleaner.
  • Long lifespan of the battery.
  • Lightweight, and easy to carry.
  • Cyclonic helps to keep the filter clean.
  • It comes with 2 year limited warranty.
  • The battery starts dying after 1 year.

#5 GeeMo 17Kpa 2 in 1 Handheld Corded Vacuum Cleaner

GeeMo Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld cyclone, that’s about it. Yes, using this corded handheld unit is nothing short of whipping up a cyclone in your house. This powerful vacuum cleaner has a 500W motor that can give you a maximum of 17 kPa of pressure, sucking up any and everything from the floor. It uses its corded ability to give the highest suction.

This vacuum from GeeMo can be used with an extension tube of 40-70cm, which allows you to clean the vinyl plank, laminate or hardwood floor without bending your knees. Take the extension off to take care of the high places like sofas, couches, tables, etc. The handle fits into the hand comfortably for longer convenient use.

Also, the weight of this vacuum needs to be considered as it’s about 4 and a half pounds. It’s not a negative per se, but it can be for some. And with regards to the capacity, it has a 1.2L of dust capacity. It uses this large capacity to separate the garbage from the air during cyclone mode. You can use the vacuum in both cyclone mode and normal mode for different situations.

Thanks to the HEPA filter used in the vacuum, it takes care of any dust particles like pollutants, allergens, pollens, etc. It easily absorbs any hidden dust and filters them to keep you safe. These HEPA filters save energy and the environment. Both the dust holder and HEPA filter are washable with water.

Everything’s well and good, but this vacuum has a tough time when trying to clean uneven surfaces or soft-mushy surfaces like carpets and rugs. Only this point is a letdown, and we have to accept it. We’d recommend this to someone with a smooth flooring or slim carpets.

  • Excellent cleaning performance.
  • Very strong suction power.
  • Powerful motor can clean anything.
  • HEPA filter helps to clean air.
  • It has an extension tube.
  • It doesn’t work on soft thick surfaces.
  • Overheats and needs to cool down before another session.

#6 Shark Pet-Perfect Cordless Bagless Portable Hand Vacuum

best cordless vacuum under $50

The brand name fits with this little monster of a vacuum from Shark. It’s small and compact with lots of features. The ability to clean everything is its strong aspect – not only an all-rounder but the best at it. In all honesty, this is the best handheld vacuum under 50 dollars and it is a perfect vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

To start with, this little guy can suck in anything you throw at it, and it won’t budge. Do you want to clean your living room in one go? It’s easy with this vacuum as it works on all surfaces from carpets to clothes and, of course, on smooth floors. Every little corner of your sofa can be cleaned with its convenient nozzle.

Coupled with the nozzle, it has a twister cyclone mode that allows bringing in dirt from the narrowest of places. The suction stays consistent throughout the operation, no matter the situation. Even though the suction is powerful, it’s fortunately very quiet. Silent cyclone, you can call it.

With its comfortable handle, you can keep this lightweight vacuum all day long. Maneuvering is a big issue with vacuum cleaners, but not with this one. The ergonomic shape and size of it make it very easy to control when cleaning different surfaces and upholstery.

Pet hair, your hair, and any kind of dirt can be cleaned with this, but of course, don’t just throw a big stone at it. With a 15.6-volt battery, it can run for enough time to clean the whole house. You’re getting an electrical XL pet brush, LED lights, cool charging stand as attachments. These should come in handy.

  • Lightweight, portable cleaner.
  • Twister Cyclonic technology.
  • Works on many surfaces.
  • Easy maneuvering for cleaning
  • It’s very quiet vacuum cleaner.
  • No cons, no use of being picky with this one.

#7 Dodocool 2 in 1 Corded Vacuum Cleaner


We’re finishing with Dodocool’s futuristic-looking vacuum cleaner. This corded vacuum cleaner comes in 2nd place in terms of suction power in this list, having a huge 15 kPa rating. It can suck up anything from liquids to dry specks of dirt along with those allergens such as dust particles and pollen that you fear so much. Pet hair, litter are not left either.

The rotatable design gives you the flexibility to work on uneven areas as it swivels on a wide-angle setting. Keep the vacuum as it is and let the swivel work its thing. It’s easily controllable while you clean under your rug, furniture, and narrow corners.

You can detach the floor nozzle for more intricate cleaning of your couch. It reaches the corners of your couch with its square-shaped nozzle with ease. And if that doesn’t work, you’re getting a crevice tool and a cleaning brush. That being said, the cord is a little bit on the shorter side at 4 meters or 13 feet.

Filtration is important, and Dodocool puts a HEPA filter inside the vacuum to take care of the air around you. While you clean the dirt you can see, the HEPA filter takes in the dust particles you can’t see, leaving you with cleaner air. This HEPA filter can be washed with water. All of that garbage and dust is stored in the big 1.5L dust cup.

Moreover, this versatile cleaner can be used in a handheld mode by just pushing down the handle, and voila! You have a small handheld vacuum for more comfortable cleaning of your sofas and tables. Its 2 in 1 feature comes in handy in a family home or office.

  • It has 2 in 1 mode for cleaning.
  • Swivel capability makes easy to use.
  • 15 kPa suction power with 800W motor.
  • HEPA Filter with big dust cup.
  • This cleaner comes with short cord.

Why Buy a Low-Priced Vacuum?

A vacuum or steam mop cleaners are both perfect for cleaning home. Before getting all technical, let’s make sure you’re firm on your decision before you become hesitant about buying an under $50 vacuum cleaner. These are the reasons why you shouldn’t be hesitant about buying one.

Vacuum under Budget

The first reason is saving money. These vacuum cleaners under 50 nowadays have everything that any other pricy alternatives have to offer. Even in terms of quality, these are quite good.

So, there’s no reason that you should have an unnecessarily big budget for this purpose where you could use that money on a more important task. Even if you have a bigger budget, save your money and give it to charity!

Small Apartment

Getting enough space to place necessary things in the apartment is becoming harder in this commercial age. If you are in the small apartments like this, you don’t want to take up more space by buying an expensive and bulky vacuum, which is not going to give you an advantage.

Buying an inexpensive one saves both your much-needed space and money while satisfying your need for cleaning a small flat.

Dorm Living

Dorm rooms are maybe the tiniest of rooms one can possibly have, and you’re living there temporarily. Do you really want to spend your precious money somewhere you aren’t living permanently?

You have to move someday, and when you do, a big vacuum is going to cause you trouble. Plus, maintaining this big thing takes a lot of effort. Your dorm life isn’t the place to waste time on a vacuum cleaner! There are other places to invest your time on.

RV Cleaning

RV’s are small, ridiculously small for a hulk-sized costly vacuum cleaner. Moreover, you’re going to use RV’s for simplicity and portability, and buying a huge power-hungry vacuum isn’t going to help you. Inexpensive handheld and cordless vacuum cleaners are the best bet for you if you’re traveling or even living in an RV.

Some Criteria Used for Buying under $50 Vacuum:

When you decide that you’re going for a vacuum under $50, you’ve to consider several other factors besides affordability, which is, of course, your main criterion. But let’s look at other vital criteria to get the best out of your money.


Next comes the question of weight, which matters more than you think. Why? Because the more lightweight the vacuum is, the easier it’s for you to handle it and maintain it.

Heavy vacuum cleaners are a hell to clean up after use. And of course, lightweight things are easy to carry around. If you are living in a rented apartment or somewhere temporary, portability is an advantage.


Just like convertible cars, convertible vacuum cleaners are a treat. You can find vacuum cleaners with 2 in 1 feature in your budget. These vacuum cleaners give you the option to switch between handheld mode to the upright mode by adding a stick.

Cleaning the rug with every nook and cranny of your couch becomes less of a hassle with this option to switch between modes. Versatility always comes in handy.

Power (Corded or Cordless)

How you’re powering the vacuum cleaner is a point to consider because both the corded and cordless versions are available under the $50 budget. Albeit, it’s a bit rare, but you can find one. Cordless vacuum cleaners allow you to conveniently move around the house without needing to change power outlets.

That being said, cordless vacuum cleaners tend to be heavier than their corded counterparts due to the battery. But it’s not a disadvantage if you prefer easy mobility compared to lightweight. And you’re not going to keep the cleaner in your hand all day.

Dirt Suction

While all vacuum cleaners are made for this purpose, all of them are not of the same quality. Some have more suction power than others.

Noise and Vibration

With suction power comes the issue of noise and vibration. You can’t get rid of noise obviously, but you can opt for efficient and less noisy vacuum cleaners in which vibration is controlled.

Surface Type

The surface you’re going to clean with the vacuum cleaner has to be considered during your purchase. As not all vacuum cleaners can work on all surfaces such as rugs, carpets, or other uneven surfaces. If you have these on your floors, then you need to buy a cleaner that can take care of it.


Having a warranty policy for electrical equipment is a must as these things can fail at any time without any warning. So, choose a vacuum cleaner with a warranty. Usually, brands provide lucrative warranties with their products.


The necessary attachments such as nozzles, dusting brushes, and other tools cannot be missed. Of course, additional accessories are a luxury for a vacuum cleaner under $50. But make sure your cleaner has the important ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much power does the vacuum need to operate?

It depends on the usage. Usually, for small apartments, a vacuum cleaner with a useful power of 250-320 watts is enough. The requirement can increase for larger apartments. How many amps do the vacuum cleaners need? Most vacuum cleaners have a rating of 12 amps on them. But the amps rating doesn’t determine the quality.

Is it okay to buy used vacuums?

Of course not, why would you risk it? Technology can fail anytime, leaving you stranded if there’s no warranty. There might be worn out parts or even burnt components, which will void the warranty even if you managed to find a used one with a warranty.

How often should I change vacuum bags?

Change your vacuum bags when it’s full. There’s no fixed time, and it’s relative to the size and usage of your vacuum bag. And check if the dust inside is clogged or not as clogged vacuum bags need to be changed immediately. If you vacuum something which is harmful or smells bad, then don’t wait for the bag to be full.

Conclusion – Final Recommendation

As we come to the end of this review, you may have already found your best vacuum under 50 dollars. So, if you’re still confused, you can consider our recommendation on which of these will deliver the performance worth your money.

The vacuum that takes the crown for “the best cordless vacuum under $50” is everyone’s favorite the Vaclife Handheld Cordless vacuum for its portability, high running time on battery, and multi-surface application. Moreover, you have more budget for buying a vacuum, you can see these cleaners under $150 from here.

And in the category of “overall vacuum under $50”, we are recommending the GeeMo Vacuum Cleaner, which can be turned into a handheld vacuum with just a push. Coming with multi-surface workability coupled with a powerful motor and a HEPA filter, it’s arguably the best you can buy within your budget.

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